Tree House Hotel in sustainable Bangkok

Sustainable Bangkok – eco-friendly things to do in Thailand’s green capital

Eager to explore Bangkok in a more conscious manner? You’re in luck: the city by the Chao Phraya River is increasingly embracing a movement towards greener experiences, from supporting day trips with local NGOs to vegan cooking classes and more. In short, sustainable Bangkok is officially a thing!

For eco-warriors looking to spend a few days in the capital before they’re off to the islands and jungles of the Kingdom, there’s a myriad of activities to engage in, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by what’s on offer. Below are some of the best environmentally-friendly things to do in the city of angels…

Shop for stylish second-hand clothes in sustainable Bangkok

Second hand shopping in sustainable Bangkok
Shopping queens at the ready: the Thai capital offers something for everyone across its countless shopping outlets and markets.

Vintage clothing isn’t just cool, it’s also a fabulous way to reduce one’s impact on the planet. If the idea of extending a garment’s lifecycle appeals to you, you might want to bring an additional suitcase to the Thai capital (or you can just pick a second-hand one up, since you’re at it).

Head to Talad Rot Fai market, which has a strong focus on vintage fashion and accessories. The variety of clothes is astounding, from distressed denim jeans to pretty dresses and everything in between. But sustainable Bangkok doesn’t end here: check out the popular second-hand section on the fifth floor at Union Mall in Lad Phrao, too… They also sell locally made jewellery from sustainable materials!

Explore the capital’s natural sites on a biking trip with Bamboo Bicycle Tours

Bamboo Bicycle Club bike in Bangkok
Eco-warrior coming through: no trip to sustainable Bangkok is complete without an epic cycling adventure.

Jumping on a bike has got to be one of the most enjoyable ways to curb one’s carbon footprint, and Bangkok is much more bicycle-friendly than many travellers think. The business on two wheels has become so big, in fact, you can now book eco-friendly tours around town.

Bamboo Bicycle Tours is one provider offering green experiences across the capital. Their Jungle Tour includes a small group on bamboo-based bikes, exploring the forests across the Chao Phraya River, a trip to an organic mushroom farm and – with some luck – glimpses of endemic wildlife… It’s a sustainable Bangkok gem, and a hit with kids, as well!

Enjoy a fine dining experience at zero-waste restaurant Haoma

Haoma is an eco-friendly restaurant in sustainable Bangkok
You got served: Haoma offers an incredible fine dining experience that will appeal to everyone with a penchant for sustainability.

If ever you’ve wanted to try Neo-Indian cuisine made from hyper-locally grown ingredients, now is your chance. Haoma is a stunning fine dining concept that puts the planet first on its innovative menu. Not only does the restaurant adhere to a strict zero-waste policy, but it also doubles as an eco-farm, growing its ingredients on site.

For those who want to show off sustainable Bangkok on their Instagram, Haoma’s dishes are incredibly photogenic, and some would say too pretty to eat. It’s a far cry from the low-budget eco-restaurants of yesterday, with every bite being as environmentally responsible as it is sophisticated – you can’t go wrong with this place!

Bed down at the sustainable Bangkok Tree House hotel

Exterior of Tree House hotel, Bangkok
Green dreams: check into Bangkok’s cool Tree House hotel for a sustainably-minded stay in the Thai capital.

Ever dreamt of sleeping high up in the jungle canopy? We thought so. At the pioneering and LGBT-friendly Bangkok Tree House hotel, eco-warriors can bed down knowing they’re supporting a green business with a cool concept. The hotel is located near the capital’s ‘green lung’, Bang Krachao, a massive district bursting with nature just south of town.

Sustainability initiatives include the building’s design, which relied mostly on natural materials and optimised wind flow, reducing the need for air-conditioning. The Tree House also helps bring income to the local community, employing 100% Thai people and working closely with independent, local businesses. In a hyper-modern metropolis, it’s amazing to see a place like this holding up the green reputation of sustainable Bangkok!