Insta-ready: four of Thailand’s most ‘grammable places to visit

With its palm-fringed, powdery beaches and a capital so rich in sky bars, you could almost hop back and forth between them (though please don’t try), Thailand is as close to a picture-perfect destination as it gets. Maybe this is why visitors to the tropical kingdom love taking a shot, quite literally, at capturing its most picturesque sights.

Nowadays, many of those images of course end up on everyone’s favourite photo-sharing app, Instagram, where the hashtag #Thailand currently conjures up an astounding 62 million posts. If you’re planning on visiting anytime soon and you want to join the Insta-club of Thai devotees, head for the below destinations – and remember to charge your phone!


Koh Nang Yuan

This tiny island just off Koh Tao’s west coast is famous for its unique shape: imagine three bodies of land protruding from the turquoise sea, interconnected through white sandbanks. If it wasn’t for one of the three to be noticeably larger than the other two, the whole thing would, to all intents and purposes, look like a giant, tropical fidget spinner – it hardly gets more Insta-friendly than that! To get the much desired, swipe-inducing panorama shot, climb the hard-to-miss viewpoint on the southernmost islet and snap away. Oh, and don’t forget to turn around: Koh Tao itself doesn’t look too shabby from here, either!


Maeklong Railway Market

Interesting and quirky markets are hardly a surprising sight in Thailand, but a visit to the railway market in Maeklong, an hour southwest of Bangkok, makes for a truly adventurous excursion. With the stalls built so close to the train tracks, that visitors (and many a vendor) are forced to walk on the tracks themselves, this busy market is both a spectacle and a feast for the eyes! Trod between colourful, exotic fruits in the shade of bright marquees and treat yourself to a vast variety of highly ‘grammable street foods. And don’t worry about trains; you’ll hear them long before you see them!


Silom Soi 4

Back in the capital, it’s hard to find a spot that doesn’t lend itself to being photographed. But temples and palaces aside, Bangkok is a city of bustling backstreets. Few are as exciting and lively as the gay hub of Silom Soi 4, home to iconic nightlife venues such as Telephone and Balcony! Jump head first into the neon wonderland of the narrow street to capture all it has to offer: from fierce drag queens sashaying away to stylish staff serving cocktails on rollerblades. It’s generally advisable to look cute and make friends with as many people as possible – this is selfie central!


Buddha head at Wat Mahathat, Ayutthaya

The ancient capital of Ayutthaya is a history lover’s dream. Looking to share some of the local wisdom with your followers? Head here to show off Thailand’s spiritual side, from sprawling temple complexes to withered but beautiful Buddha statues. A particular sight has become synonymous with Ayutthaya’s heritage – the overgrown Buddha head, peacefully nestled into the roots of an enormous tree. A unique point of interest, this place is best captured when the sun is low in the sky and the play of shadows let the statue’s face appear in an especially poignant atmosphere. We say skip the filter for this one. Why alter something so perfect?