A same-sex couple at a Thai resort, LGBTQ+ Thai influencers on Instagram, Thailand

Follow the lead – The coolest LGBTQ+ Thai influencers on Instagram

LGBTQ+ Thai influencers on Instagram are having the time of their lives: with its sparkling sea and dizzyingly high rooftop bars, Thailand offers boundless opportunities to snap exciting pictures for friends and followers (some of the coolest places are here!). And platforms such as Insta or TikTok are incredibly popular across the Kingdom; with everyone from Gen Z to baby boomers sharing their most valued experiences online.

But beyond just pretty photos, social media posts offer plenty of useful travel inspiration and recommendations about queer-friendly places to visit on your next Thailand vacation – here are some of the best accounts to follow!

The lovely @pekae_tws and his other half @janewit_wongs are fabulous LGBTQ+ Thai influencers

@pekae_tws and @janewit_wongs, LGBTQ+ Thai influencers on Instagram, Thailand
Spa time: @janewit_wongs and @pekae_tws love to share moments like these with their followers.

This adorable gay couple was clearly bitten by the travel bug, for they seem to be always on the move and exploring some of Thailand’s most stunningly gorgeous corners. Along the way, @pekae_tws and @janewit_wongs check into the Kingdom’s top hotels and showcase the very finest hospitality you could find in the country.

Both Janewit and Pekae are beach lovers and they also like to keep fit, giving their combined followers of over 250,000 regular glimpses into their gym routines. That said, you’ll also see the occasional romantic post, for instance when the pair celebrate their anniversary with a legendary sunset on the islands!

Follow iconic Drag Race Thailand star @annee_maywong

@annee_maywong, LGBTQ+ Thai influencers on Instagram, Thailand
Strike a pose: @annee_maywong knows how to look good in front of the camera – and Instagram users love it.

Known as the runner-up to the winner of the first season of Thailand’s very own Drag Race format, @annee_maywong is no doubt among the coolest LGBTQ+ Thai influencers on Instagram to follow. On Annee’s feed, expect to see plenty of fierce make-up, pictures from live performances, and more!

Aside from all the glamour though, there are also more casual glimpses into the life of one of the Kingdom’s most famous drag stars – from videos of Muay Thai boxing classes to leisurely snaps from private holidays, Annee Maywong is an open book on social media: and one that 30,000 followers like to read.

Among the most beautiful LGBTQ+ Thai influencers to follow, @poydtreechada is one of Thailand’s top trans celebrities

@poydtreechada, LGBTQ+ Thai influencers on Instagram, Thailand
So pretty: @poydtreechada stuns her huge following on social media with gorgeous pictures like this one.

This one is a true star and the whole country is proud of her: @poydtreechada began her journey to fame in 2004, when winning the title of Miss Tiffany Universe. A lot has happened since, including a lucrative career and even roles in international films.

On her social media channels, some 2.6 million followers get to join Poyd as she attends glamorous industry events, partners with cool Thai brands, pulls off the most amazing yoga poses or simply celebrates a birthday with a sinful chocolate cake. Fashionistas also admire her for her impeccable sense of style, much of which you’ll see on Poyd’s Instagram feed!

Check out @mondtuan for some seriously steamy Insta images

@mondtuan, LGBTQ+ Thai influencers on Instagram, Thailand
The look: @mondtuan certainly knows what looks good on him, and he proudly shares his good looks with the world.

There’s nothing wrong with showing a bit of skin here and there – and that’s certainly something that the wonderful @mondtuan, who has gathered nearly 17,000 followers, would agree with. Based in Phuket, Mond clearly enjoys showing off his best assets in sultry outfits.

Whether he’s posing in front of a breathtaking sunset on Thailand’s largest island or by an cascading waterfall in Phuket’s interior, Mond is among the most likeable LGBTQ+ Thai influencers on Instagram because his unashamed approach to living his best life and loving his body is simply infectious! Plus, who wouldn’t like an insider’s guide to Phuket?