@rusameekae showing off his influencer fashion in Thailand

Work it – four LGBT+ influencer fashion moments in Thailand

Seen Paris, Milan and New York, and your thirst for fashion still isn’t quenched? Head to Bangkok, then! The Thai capital, along with the islands of Phuket and Koh Samui have long attracted trendy visitors from all over, and with influencer fashion having skyrocketed in recent years, there are times you might feel like you’re sitting front-row at a fashion show or watching a photoshoot.

Plenty of LGBT+ visitors to the Kingdom arrive with their favourite looks (and more still go on a shopping spree during their trip), only to show them off to their friends and followers on Instagram. Here are some of the best outfits we’ve seen!

@rusameekae putting on a show in Phuket

@rusameekae showing off his influencer fashion in Phuket, Thailand
Strike a pose: @rusameekae put on a show whilst on a yacht in Phuket.

The always smiley and super-stylish James Rusameekae Fagerlung (@rusameekae) might as well grace the cover of Vogue with this incredible power shot: sporting a summery, yellow speedo, James staged a fun photo-op aboard a luxurious yacht off the coast of Phuket.

And before you ask; yes, a tiny speedo can be a fashion statement, too! It’s no secret queer men have a penchant for revealing bathing attire and thanks to James’ toned physique and confident posing, the picture captures a sense of feeling comfortable in one’s own skin – and that’s always going to be in fashion, if you ask us!

@itsme.groff adding some colour to influencer fashion in Bangkok

@itsme.groff wears a cool outfit at a temple in Bangkok
Colour pop: pretty @itsme.groff knows how to make a fiery appearance.

Sometimes, dressing well can be so simple. Stylish blogger @itsme.groff always dresses super elegantly and chic. If this image they shared with their followers a while back can teach us anything, it’s the power of adding a touch of vibrant colour to an otherwise simple look!

The wonderful shot was taken at the majestic Guang Shan Thaihua temple near Bangkok. An impressive complex tourists are free to explore, the temple is built in the Chinese Buddhist tradition, and features a massive statue of the Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin. When visiting, do it like Groff and make sure to capture your very own fashionable moment in front of the gilded statue!

@toon_collections bringing the heat on a Thai longtail boat

@toon_collections having an influencer fashion moment in Phuket
Style personified: Toon of @toon_collections is bringing sexy back.

This gentleman certainly knows how to accessorise… And being the founder of his very own clothing brand, @toon_collections, it’s not altogether surprising! The very dapper Toon cut a stylish figure while out boating in the Andaman Sea, including round hipster sunglasses, a linen outfit and a pair of seriously posh-looking sandals.

The look makes perfect sense, too, as light fabrics such as linen offer ultimate comfort in tropical Thailand, and when out at sea, you’ll want an outfit that’s not just cool, but also practical. To perfect his influencer fashion moment, Toon got a sharp haircut and subtle jewellery that say fabulous queer man, ahoy!

@onairplanemode__ rocking a traditional Thai costume influencer fashion style

@onairplanemode__ in Chiang Mai, Thailand
A fresh take: @onairplanemode__ knows how to make a traditional garment look contemporary.

Now, this is how to breathe new life into a traditional outfit worn across Thailand’s northern territories, the former seat of the ancient Lanna Kingdom. The adorable Kirstie and Christine of @onairplanemode__ have rocked many a great look over the years, but there’s something about a traditional garment in combination with tattoos and a buzzcut on one side that makes it totally contemporary.

This beautiful influencer fashion moment with an elephant was shared during a visit to one of the many elephant camps in and around Chiang Mai, and if it wasn’t for the gentle giant, you’d be excused to only have eyes for the stylish look on display. But, oh well, the peaceful pachyderms do draw your attention, don’t they? Regardless, this is a wonderful way to put a new spin on an age-old look!