The Giant restaurant, Chiang Mai, Thailand

With a side of extra – Thailand’s most unique cafés and restaurants

An old travellers’ saying states that before going on a holiday, you should always punch an extra hole into your belt – and if the journey takes you to Thailand, the expression makes perfect sense! A culinary destination like few others, the Thai Kingdom attracts gourmets from across the globe. Though that’s not to say culinary adventures here can only be had in the country’s finest restaurants: in fact, some of the most inspired Thai food is served at eateries that seek to redefine the dining experience, serving not just fantastic delicacies, but also an unforgettable atmosphere!


The Giant, Chiang Mai

Located some 50km northeast of Chiang Mai, The Giant is truly enormous in every way… The food here is delicious; with the menu focusing more on small bites and cakes. But it’s the setting that takes the crown. The restaurant is built around the trunk of a sky-high tree, with spectacular (and somewhat vertigo-inducing!) views of the rainforest all around.

Hungry travellers can access the eatery in the sky via a bamboo rope bridge and for those looking to swap dessert for an adrenaline rush, The Giant also offers an incredibly fun zip line that lets you fly through the jungle Tarzan-style!


Unicorn Café, Bangkok

Unicorn Café, Bangkok, Thailand
Something about the culinary treats on offer at Unicorn Café makes LGBT+ travellers feel rather welcome. Photography courtesy of Unicorn Café, via Facebook

This aptly named cafe in the heart of Bangkok’s bustling Silom district is a fairytale wonderland of all things magical and extravagant – needless to say, LGBT+ travellers feel rather at home here! Though the interior is a lot when you first walk in (think unicorn-themed floors, ceilings, walls and furniture), the pastel paradise that is Unicorn Café has a cult following of locals and visiting Instagrammers.

As for the food on offer here, we recommend trying as many of the ecstatically-named items as possible: why not start with a plate of rainbow spaghetti and indulge in a pastel-swirled unicorn waffle for dessert? Seriously, we can’t get enough of this place!


Hajime Robot Restaurant

Hajime Robot Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand
Hajime Robot Restaurant have hired all the friendliest robots in town. Photography courtesy of Hajime Robot Restaurant, via Facebook.

Another Bangkok institution, Hajime Robot Restaurant is an absolute must for intrepid tech-lovers! Guests at the Japanese eatery are served by – you guessed it – robots. Though that doesn’t mean service is cold or unfriendly… In fact, we’d say the robots are as charming as they are efficient, and in any case, they’re supported by their human colleagues (no need to worry about a robot revolt over dinner)!

The delicacies on offer here aren’t just inspired by Japanese cuisine; they truly are as close to original Japanese flavours you could find anywhere in the Thai capital. And conveniently, Hajime is located near Bangkok’s green lung, Bang Kachao, making it the perfect dinner place after a day trip to the area.


Koh Kood Tree Pods

Koh Kood Tree Pods at Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand
Koh Kood’s tree pods are the coolest place you’ve never had dinner – yet. Photography courtesy of Soneva Kiri

Last but definitely not least on our list of extraordinarily quirky places to eat in the Thai Kingdom is Koh Kood Tree Pods, part of the luxurious Soneva Kiri resort. Similar to The Giant, guests here dine high up in the trees, though the nest-like pods at this Koh Kood eatery offer an unparalleled sense of privacy – in fact, once your pod has been lifted up into the tree, your waiter will only be able to serve you your meal by means of zip-line!

Speaking of which, the culinary treats served here are largely grown in the restaurant’s very own, organic garden and this unforgettable dining experience doesn’t come cheap – we recommend going on a double-date and split the cost between yourselves. Trust us, it’s worth it: this magical place will leave a tropical flavour on your tongue for years to come!