The opening of White Party Bangkok 2022/2023, Thailand

White Party Bangkok 2022/2023 – A look back at the hottest New Year’s Eve party of the year

Ain’t no party like White Party Bangkok 2022/2023! More so than ever before, residents of and visitors to the Thai capital have relished the chance to dance into 2023 at the incredible annual event’s very first in-person installation since the pandemic. Safety measures were of course in place to guarantee the best experience for everyone, but beyond simply being safe, White Party Bangkok was also a whole lot of fun… For a review of all that made the gay dance extravaganza so special, check out the pictures below!

The Electric Sea theme saw the stage turned into an underwater world

White Party Bangkok 2022/2023, Thailand
What a spectacle: the stage at White Party Bangkok 2022/2023 was simply mind-blowing.

As one of the world’s largest annual LGBTQ+ events, White Party Bangkok attracts up to 20,000 partygoers a year, and thanks to the event’s reputation, they all come with high expectations: it’s safe to say that these were met during the latest party, which took place in a huge space transferred into an electric underwater world (by cute merman, we’d like to think!).

The stage design boasted features reminiscent of a whale skeleton towering above the crowd while screens on all sides depicted scenes of the blue world beneath the surface. Simply put, the atmosphere was spectacular! 

An enormous Poseidon statue kept his guard over partygoers at White Party Bangkok

White Party Bangkok 2022/2023, Thailand
Hi, hottie: a huge statue of the God the Sea, Poseidon was an impressive highlight.

It’s no secret that there is many an Adonis in the crowd at each annual installation of the event. In fact, you wouldn’t be the first attendee to take off their shirt and show off the results of all those hours spent sweating in the gym (and it goes without saying that no one will complain to see it).

But one sculpted body stole the show at White Party Bangkok 2023 and it belonged to the magnificent white sculpture of the God of the Sea, Poseidon, which was the centre of attention in its prime position overlooking the DJs that spinned the tables on the night!

Incredible performers fired up the crowds

White Party Bangkok 2022/2023, Thailand
I want to fly away: performers fly above the heads of the crowd in a breathtaking display.

There are good performances, there are excellent performances, and then there are performances that set the house on fire – at White Party Bangkok 2022/2023, partygoers got to enjoy the latter! While the music came from DJs including Tackthai, Suri and Rick Braile, dance numbers saw a talented and seriously fierce group of performers go the extra mile.

There was a lot of on-stage dancing, of course, including neatly routined sets as well as more sensual and sexy moments that saw dancers lose themselves in the rhythm… In addition to this, some performers even hovered high above the stage, performing tricks mid-air while rocking stunningly designed costumes. It was impossible not to be amazed!

The crowd at White Party Bangkok went absolutely wild dancing into the new year

White Party Bangkok 2022/2023, Thailand
Happy new year: the crowd goes wild at midnight.

Regardless of how show-stopping of a stage you have and how talented your performers are, no event would ever truly kick off if it wasn’t for an excited crowd of partygoers wanting to really let loose and have the time of their lives: and this was certainly the case at the event!

This year’s party people were perhaps even wilder than ever before, which might just be a result of them not having been able to party in the same way in the past few years. But whatever it was that got attendees so excited, White Party Bangkok 2022/2023 was a night to remember – and the event’s 2023/2024 installation is set to become even more spectacular!

White Party Bangkok 2022/2023, Thailand
What are you waiting for? White Party Bangkok 2023/2024 is already in the works.

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