Lesbian mothers with daughter by the beach

We are family – 5 fun-filled escapes for LGBT+ families

Known as the ‘land of smiles’, Thailand wholeheartedly embraces visitors from all walks of life. LGBT+ families looking for an unforgettable getaway in the tropics will feel welcome, too! After all, the state religion of Buddhism inspires tolerance and openness. Head for the much-loved destinations below – your kids will thank you for it!


Krabi’s beaches

Thailand’s beaches are probably the country’s most beloved natural feature. The coastal province of Krabi offers picture-perfect stretches of powdery sand that call for some serious sand castle developments! Located on the nearby peninsula of Railay and easily accessible by boat, gorgeous Phra Nang beach is a young castle-makers dream. If construction gets too tedious, strap on some goggles, dive into the aquamarine wonder world of the Andaman Sea and make friends with rainbow-coloured fish.


Bangkok’s beasts

The Thai capital surely has a lot of history but did you know Bangkok even has a prehistoric side? Surprise the little ones with a visit to truly spectacular ‘Dinosaur Planet’! All your children’s favourite reptiles make an appearance at this Sukhumvit theme park: velociraptors, triceratops and the mighty T-Rex. This is the closest your family will ever get to Jurassic Park (hopefully!) so bring a camera to capture your kids getting up and close with the legendary giants of the past. There’s also some basic biology to be learned here but don’t worry, it’s well-disguised in heaps of fun!


Chiang Mai’s adventures

There’s no shortage of thrills in Northern Thailand’s biggest city if you’re visiting with kids. For a unique bonding experience, why not dash through the jungle canopy like a young hornbill? Local tour operators offer zip lining trips that let you and your family explore thick, ancient forests. Prepare to be amazed by exotic flora and the rainforest’s sounds as you fly through the lush jungle at exhilarating speeds! Scared of heights? Join a mountain bike tour or bathe with a giant at an elephant sanctuary instead. Chiang Mai is the ultimate destination for adventure-loving families!


Phuket’s cookery schools

If your child has a sweet tooth (don’t they all?), Phuket’s authentic local fare is likely to have their taste buds dance with joy! Want to learn how to master the island’s scrumptious combination of sweet and spicy flavours? ‘Blue Elephant Cookery School’ is a great start: Its home, an extravagant Sino-Portuguese mansion, will send teenagers into an Instagram frenzy. For younger children, we’d opt for the fun-focussed ‘Phuket Thai Cookery School Koh Siray’ which takes your family to a local market to try exotic fruits before cooking – dare your kids to try durian for a good laugh!


Koh Samui’s Secret Buddha Garden

Venture into Koh Samui’s interior to discover a hidden curiosity: With its one-of-a-kind statues of animals, deities and humans, ‘Secret Buddha Garden’ is a playground for young and old alike. The complex also boasts a small waterfall, a stream and the occasional wild macaque hurtling through the trees above! What more could aspiring jungle explorers wish for? Go on a Friday to squeeze another adventure into the day by heading to the Bophut beach walking street market in the evening. The sensational street performances here are worth it!