Baan Botanica, Bangkok, Thailand

Under the radar – Bangkok queer spaces you haven’t heard of

So you’ve been to Silom and partied the night away, and you’ve had your fair share of cocktails at LGBTQ+ friendly sky bars in Sukhumvit, but did you know there’s a lot more to discover on the subject of Bangkok queer spaces? If ‘no’ is your answer, you’d be well advised to read on…

Gay relationships and entrepreneurship run deep through the veins of the Thai capital, meaning many a popular and famous place is actually queer-run and owned, while others make special efforts to appeal to the community. Check out some truly under-the-radar treasures below!

Check out world-class art at MOCA Bangkok

MOCA Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand
Art is where the heart is: MOCA Bangkok regularly exhibits art by queer creators. Photography courtesy of MOCA Bangkok.

The city’s Museum of Contemporary Art is for everyone, not just one specific community. But did you know the leading cultural institution is run by none other than Kit Bencharongkul, the fabulous fashion photographer and artist? In his function as the museum’s Managing Director, Kit has a huge impact on what goes on show…

Throughout its existence, MOCA, as it is often called, has always made sure to factor diversity and inclusion into its exhibitions and many an LGBTQ+ artist has been able to show their work here. It’s also a meeting point for the community, making the museum one of the coolest Bangkok queer spaces you might not have heard of!

Marvel at Bill Bensley’s creativity at Baan Botanica

Baan Botanica, Bangkok, Thailand
Lush and luxurious: stepping into Baan Botanica feels like walking straight into a dream. Photography courtesy of Bensley

Famous and beloved for his incredibly complex and stylish architectural style, design and artworks, openly gay all-rounder Bill Bensley has made the Thai capital his permanent home – more specifically, the so-called ‘Baan Botanica’, where the creative mastermind resides with his husband Jirachai Renthong.

Though this is one of the Bangkok queer spaces that are strictly speaking not accessible to the public (unless, they say, you meet the right people while out on the town and score an ultra-exclusive invitation…), anyone is free to follow the latest developments at and daily impressions of Baan Botanica via an Instagram account. It’s perhaps the gayest home in all of Thailand… What’s not to love?

No list of lesser-known Bangkok queer spaces is complete without FORFUN

FORFUN, Bangkok, Thailand
Why, hello there: FORFUN Bangkok is hugely popular among the city’s LGBTQ+ population. Photography courtesy of FORFUN

The ‘City of Angels’ might be bad but it’s perfectly good at it: FORFUN is a popular store for all those with a kink or two, and everything from dedicated fetish wear to BDSM toys and a large variety of masks for role play is available from the raunchy shop.

Based in Thonburi, FORFUN is one of those Bangkok queer spaces that are lesser-known not least because of their location on the other side of the Chao Phraya River. But plenty of local LGBTQ+ people and visitors flock here to pick up fetish wear in rainbow colours and hot fuchsia pink for those steamy nights at the city’s queer saunas and nightclubs… Make sure to put this very special place on your list!

Relax at Dii, one of the most beautiful Bangkok queer spaces you’ll find

Dii by Divana, Bangkok, Thailand
Pretty inside out: Dii by Divana convinces with its sleek and stylish interiors paired with pioneering treatments. Photography courtesy of Divana.

There are countless places to unwind and enjoy a massage scattered throughout the city, but Divana is one of those addresses particularly popular within the community: perhaps because it’s LGBTQ+ owned!

For those times when a simple treatment isn’t enough (have you been out partying?), and you need something that does a bit more than just relaxing you, the aesthetic-wellness arm of Divana, Dii, is a treasure trove like no other… From marine collagen facials and lymphatic drainage therapy to classic botox, the experts at work here do an incredible job at rejuvenating their customers, and the local queer community has long made this an institution amongst Bangkok queer spaces. Because we’re worth it!