Gay couple visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand

Return to Thailand – why a trip to the Kingdom might be better than ever in 2021

Okay, let’s face it: 2020 wasn’t exactly the best year in travel, even in Thailand. But thanks to recent, promising developments on vaccine research that would help the world get back on its feet after the coronavirus pandemic, it’s now looking as though people from across the globe might be able to feed their wanderlust once more in the not-so-distant future.

When travel slowly resumes, a journey to the Thai Kingdom no doubt ranks as a top priory for the thousands of regular visitors we welcome to our shores each year. For everyone else, visiting Thailand would also be nothing sort of specular: read on to find out why!

Thailand embodies the very nature of travel

Floating market in Bangkok, Thailand
All aboard: a floating market in Bangkok is a classic Thai sight that will have travellers reach for their cameras!

Cascading waterfalls, otherworldly cave systems, tropical jungles and, of course, palm tree-lined beaches that give way to a glittering sea – the Thai Kingdom remains Southeast Asia’s ultimate travel destination, with adventure awaiting around each and every corner. 

For those more interested in history and culture, there are the well-preserved temples of ancient capitals such as Sukhothai and Ayutthaya, as well as the Royal Palace and world-class art galleries of Bangkok. And let’s not forget about the food: ranking among the world’s most popular cuisines, Thailand’s culinary offering is incredibly varied, amazingly exotic and a journey for the senses. A country doesn’t get more quintessentially travel-worthy than this!

Nowhere does relaxation quite like Thailand

A traveller relaxes during a Thai massage in Chaing Mai, Thailand
Check in and zone out: Thailand has been and will always remain a top-tier destination for travellers looking to unwind and reconnect with themselves!

2020 hasn’t been particularly easy for anyone, and it’s important to take some time to finally relax and check your worries at the border. In Thailand, unwinding is a bit of a national sport: the general pace of life is slower, and treating yourself to a massage is everything but a luxury.

As such, a famous Thai massage can very affordable and, in some places, you can even get it right at the beach. Make your way to Koh Samui’s ivory Chaweng Beach, for example, where masseurs offer their services on beachside lounges, and melt away as waves wash onto the shore and the sun melts into the horizon. Isn’t it even relaxing just reading this?

The LGBT+ parties have catching up to do from 2020

Party-goers attending WHITE PARTY BANGKOK in 2019, Bangkok, Thailand
You can’t stop the party: when Bangkok’s legendary nightlife resumes, it’ll do so in a big way!

If unwinding isn’t what you’re looking for, chances are you’re a bit of a party animal – and Thailand has a legendary reputation for incredible LGBT+ nightlife! Some of the biggest gay events of the year, namely White Party Bangkok and GCircuit Songkran, have had to cancel their 2020 celebrations due to the coronavirus pandemic. If everything goes well, they’re planning on returning bigger than ever in 2021!

Though that’s not all. Blockbuster events aside, some the Kingdom’s iconic LGBT+ venues in Bangkok and beyond have used a quieter year to overhaul their venues, install better sound systems, revisit their menus, etc. – when the festivities resume, they’ll be wilder than ever!

Thais are eager to welcome the world once more with their famous sense of hospitality

All smiles: Thailand is known as perhaps the most welcoming country on the planet – everyone is welcome!

Thai hospitality is world-famous for a reason. Following the ‘live and let live’ attitude that is fiercely ingrained in the local mentality, Thais and the many people who have chosen to live their lives here, embrace visitors from all over the globe with a warm sense of hospitality that is quite simply unmatched.

Whether your 2021 travels are all about reconnecting with yourself, exploring a fascinating culture or dancing the night away, the Thai Kingdom is sure to welcome you, your other half, your gay best friends or your modern family with an open embrace and a smiling heart – because even after a year that was difficult for everyone, some things never change!