Refreshing post-Songkran on Koh Samui

April’s Songkran showers brought us a lot more than May flowers! The Thai New Year came and went, and we’re already counting the days down until the next Thai New Year. We know the first experience with the holiday is often one of the best for new visitors, but as Songkran veterans, we’ve got to say, it’s pretty awesome, even year after year.  With gay-centric events like gCircuit getting bigger and bigger, it’s also getting better and better.

We’ll be real though, gCircuit is always electric. The parties were fabulous. But once it ended, most of us probably needed to take a step back from the club scene for a little while. Nothing really compares to three days of gCircuit, and if the hangover doesn’t get you, the come-down from the days wishing you still were at gCircuit definitely will.

Because of this, we like to stretch out our trips in Thailand and spend a few days resting up after the holiday is over. I mean, who would have thought that you could get so exhausted having fun?

Our search for the best place to relax and detox post-holiday led us to Alpha Gay Resort, in Koh Samui. Our travels also led us to some new places to relax and enjoy ourselves before returning home, which we’ll be more than happy to share as well.

Alpha Gay Resort says it all in the name, but we’ve got a few more reasons behind our love for this place.  For one thing, even though Thailand is incredibly inclusive everywhere you go, it feels really good to get away with like-minded travelers who all just want the same thing.

Also, visits to Alpha pretty much go whichever way you want it to. It’s secluded and private, but it’s situated a perfect distance from the rest of the activities in the region. One of those important things is Chaweng Beach, means you’re always within direct reach of some extra fun with the neighboring gay bars, nightclubs, and drag shows, as well as the neighboring gay-friendly beach parties and dance clubs.  For those that still want an added rush to their vacation, neighboring, Koh Phangan continues to celebrate the Full Moon Festival and Half Moon Festival once a month.

We shared a single a night where we had an urge to return to the outside world for a massage at Emerald Green Koh Samui, an all men’s massage parlor just up the road, followed up with a drink and a show with some friends at Starz Cabaret. All in all, the staff was more than willing to help us get there. Though we didn’t participate in all of the offerings, the resort also organizes impromptu social events and tours of the islands for its visitors.

If you prefer to stay in and have a good time, the resort hosts clothing optional pool parties for the guy guests on Wednesdays and Saturdays for five hours, which make for a good place to chill, socialize, and well, be free! What’s more Thai than that?

In short, Alpha was a big shift in moods between switching over from day to day parties on the mainland but was definitely a welcome one. While we left wishing we could stay longer, we left exactly the way we intended to: refreshed, relaxed, and with a few new friends and phone numbers. (wink wink, nudge nudge) Maybe, so will you.

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