Children in the sea, Thailand

Rainbow-coloured getaway: Three reasons children of LGBT+ families will love Thailand

Visiting Thailand with the little ones? You’ve made an excellent choice: the tropical Kingdom has been a dream destination for families for decades and it’s easy to see why. In Koh Samui, you’ll find some of the most picture-perfect beaches in the world, ideal for flying kites and building sandcastles, while up in Chiang Mai, kids are simply mesmerized by the sight of elephants in one of the city’s many conservation camps! Oh, and did we mention daily sundaes made from coconut milk?

With LGBT+ people being very much part of everyday life in urban and tourist areas, same-sex couples with children are, of course, invited to join in on the fun (be rude not to bring the kids, really!). Here’s exactly why your little ones will love the gem of Southeast Asia.


Thai hospitality means a warm welcome – for everyone

There’s a reason Thailand is routinely referred to as the land of smiles and we’re pretty certain it’s got to do with the country’s exceptional sense of hospitality. Not only do the locals take pride in making each and every guest to the Kingdom feel welcome; they’re also sincerely appreciative of visitors enjoying getting to know their homeland.

Hence, helping travellers have the most rewarding and wonderful experience of their trip to Thailand is quite simply considered good manners. Think about it this way: if your country was known to be a paradise on Earth, you’d be protective over its reputation as well, no? To top things off, Thais are actually highly sociable and fun-loving, despite their initial restraint… You’ve just got to speak to them!


Local hotels are well prepared to cater to LGBT+ families

A gay couple at 137 Pillars House, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Gay couples and their families will find a safe and welcoming environment at many Thai hotels, including the pictured 137 Pillars House in Chiang Mai.

Thai hotels and resorts do the utmost to ensure that same-sex couples have a great time. From providing LGBT+ sensibilities-specific training for staff (expect to find a Mrs & Mrs or Mr & Mr drawn into the sand outside your beachside suite!) and supporting LGBT+ charities to demonstrating inclusivity with gay and lesbian-themed campaigns; the country’s hospitality sector is among the most progressive in all of Asia.

Aside from this, hotels commit to a no-discrimination policy, making the industry a popular employer among gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender locals looking for a safe and open-minded working environment. We can’t think of a hotel that wouldn’t give you a warm welcome, but to find some especially LGBT-friendly hotels, why not browse our Hotels section?


Thais strongly value family ties and have a profound love for children

Simply put, it just doesn’t matter whether you are straight, LGBT+, undecided or, as a matter of fact, a kangaroo – Thai people will absolutely adore your children. Just spend a day or two in a homestay in Pai or Phuket and you’ll see that every minute in the presence of a household’s youngest ones revolves around entertaining them, getting them ready for school, dressing them up or teaching them how to make traditional flower arrangements.

Family ties could hardly be any more important in Thailand, where it’s still common for three (or four!) generations to live under the same roof. With this in mind, any couple with children will be met with the locals’ goodwill and respect. Whoever said old-fashioned and open-minded can’t go hand in hand?