View over Railay, Krabi Province, Thailand

Railay romance – a lovers’ journey to Thailand’s honeymoon peninsula

Oh, to have a Railay romance! A short boat ride from Krabi Town but a world away from the everyday, the small peninsula of Railay has got to be among the Kingdom’s most awe-inspiring destinations to visit for lovebirds. For one, its dreamy beaches are a stunner. But there’s more, still.

Perhaps it’s the sense of seclusion that makes Railay so irresistible: the peninsula is backed by fierce limestone formations that make it virtually inaccessible by land, so a boat ride is the only way in. And those who arrive at its shores can look forward to a truly magical stay…

Marvel at one of Thailand’s most beautiful sunsets

Sunset over Railay, Krabi Province, Thailand
Swoon away: the sunset views from Railay Beach are something else.

Few romantic experiences compare to the evocative power of a sunset – especially if it’s a beachside one! Though most travellers head straight for Railay’s famous Phra Nang beach, which frequently appears on ‘the world’s most beautiful beaches’ lists, the simply named ‘Railay Beach’ actually offers even more dramatic views.

Facing the west full-on, this ivory-coloured crescent of soft sand is astonishingly large, offering plenty of space for lovebirds looking to whisper sweet promises into each others’ ears as the sun slowly burns into the crystal waters of the Andaman Sea and local fishing boats steer towards the peninsula before night falls. It makes for a simply magical sight!

Stay in a rustic jungle bungalow

Bungalow at Chill Out Bar & Bungalow, Railay, Krabi Province, Thailand
Fancy bungalow: this type of accommodation is a good compromise for those looking for a bungalow with certain amenities. Photography courtesy of Chill Out Bar and Bungalow, Tonsai

This might not be a go-to option for honeymooners, who are more likely to want to treat themselves to a fair share of luxury on a once-in-a-lifetime journey, but travelling couples looking for an authentically Thai experience should definitely consider staying in a jungle bungalow.

There’s quite a few just northwest of the peninsula’s ‘village’ bit, all tucked away into the surrounding lush jungle and yet only a short walk from the beach. If you decide to bed down in a bungalow, you can look forward to hearing the sounds of the jungle through the bamboo walls at night and taking outdoor showers in the morning – who wouldn’t fall in love?

Swim with bioluminescent plankton

Bioluminescent plankton on Railay Beach, Krabi Province, Thailand
Why so blue? The wonder of bioluminescence puts on incredible displays in Railay – but sighting are not guaranteed.

Before you ask: no, there’s no guarantee you’ll see any bioluminescent plankton during your stay. Like anywhere else, it’s to do with luck and, to some extent, finding a local who knows a good spot. Luckily, there are Railay tour operators who will take visitors out in their clear-bottom kayaks in the evenings; and they do know the best places in the area…

Conditions are best when the moon isn’t out during the dry season, though that’s not to say you can’t get lucky at other times. If you do, there are few things more magical than seeing – or even swimming among – hundreds of thousands of tiny, bright-blue plankton in the sea, poetically mirroring the stars in the sky above!

Explore tiny islets on a private long tail boat tour

Traditional long tail boat on the beach in Railay, Krabi Province, Thailand
Hop on: a private boat tour around the region is a true highlight for visiting couples!

No Railay romance is complete without a bit of island-hopping. If you want to make your excursion a more intimate experience, opt for a private long tail tour which can be organised with the boatmen all along gorgeous Railay Beach.

Your private captain will be happy to steer you and your other half around some of the area’s most picture-perfect islands and landscapes; including the quirky Chicken Island. Top tips for the most romantic experience: bring a snorkel to meet the rainbow-coloured fish of the underwater world and some fresh fruits to feed your partner as you leisurely make your way from one paradise island to the next!

Railay romance