Celebrating Pride in paradise, Thailand

Pride in paradise – proud experiences to enjoy in Thailand

As members of the beautifully diverse and joyful LGBT+ community, everyone has to right to feel proud about who they are, how they identify and whom they love, 365 days a year. But during Pride month, the world’s queer population celebrates not only what makes the community fabulous, but also how far it has come – and Thailand is an amazing place to embrace that feeling of pride in paradise!

To consciously feel good about yourself and not let the world drag you down can take a bit of effort every now and then, so it’s important to make proud memories to remind you of how great you are… Here are some of the best ways to experience pride.

Bungee jump in Phuket

Bungee jumping in Phuket is one way to embrace your pride in paradise
I believe I can fly: bungee jumping certainly makes for a great ego boost!

Love an adrenaline rush? Of course, you do. On dreamy Phuket, it’s easy to while away a week or two hopping from beach to beach or eating your own body weight in dim sum at one of the island’s many walking street markets. But a more adventurous activity makes for a different kind of day out…

Popular Jungle Bungy Jump is a mere 20 minutes from Phuket’s gay centre of Patong Beach, but when you jump head first into the jungle canopy, you feel like you’re in a different world altogether! There are few things to make you feel more proud than overcoming a fear, so this is an amazing way to embrace your pride – and an unforgettable one, too!


Mastering a new skill in a Thai cooking class is a sure way to feel a sense of pride in paradise

A Thai cooking class helps celebrate your pride in paradise
What you got cooking? A culinary class is a wonderful and immersive way to embrace your inner pride in paradise.

If you’re not into heights, there are other ways to feel confident about and pleased with yourself while on vacation in Thailand. How about learning a new skill, for example? Most visitors to the Kingdom can’t get enough of its incredibly tasty food, though many will have trouble finding authentic Thai restaurants back home…

A day spent at a traditional Thai cooking school is a fabulous way to learn how to make a few of your favourite local dishes, as well as make new friends with similar interests. There are countless schools across the country, from grassroots initiatives to five-star experiences, and your hotel should be able to book you into a class they can recommend. A bit of chili, a slice of lime and roasted peanuts on top; that’s pride a la carte!

Volunteer with the Soi Dog Foundation

A volunteer at the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand
So much love to give: taking care of dogs like these is a blessing for both the animals the volunteer! Photography courtesy of Soi Dog Foundation, via Facebook

Few things are as rewarding for the soul as giving back, and to stock up on pride in paradise, you’d be well advised to get involved with a local charity. Soi Dog Foundation, an NGO headquartered in pretty Phuket, is always looking for volunteers to help take care of the hundreds of resident cats and dogs that live at the sanctuary.

Long-term volunteers are able to deliver the most support, but not everyone needs to invest three months to make their stay count! In fact, Soi Dog even hosts daily visits that allow travellers to learn about animal welfare on the island. Donations to help care for the animals are welcome and anyone able to help out in whatever way can feel truly proud of themselves for their support!


Celebrate your pride in paradise by checking out Bangkok’s Silom area

Silom, Bangkok
Silom nights: Bangkok’s prime gaybourhood offers non-stop fun for queer travellers!

What happens in Silom, stays in Silom… Bangkok’s leading gay neighbourhood is internationally recognised as one of the best places to party for the LGBT+ community, and if you’ve already overcome a fear, learned a new skill, and did something good for others, why not give yourself some love and dive into the district’s sultry nightlife?

The local queer community is always eager to make friends with visitors and friendly folks of all colours, ages and backgrounds mingle, drink and dance through the night. You can feel safe in expressing your pride anywhere in the Kingdom, but in the streets of Silom, the community is at its most celebratory and fabulous – this is what pride in paradise is all about!