Gay couple in Thailand

Now or never – four reasons to visit Thailand in 2020

With less than two weeks left in 2019, it’s high time to make some plans for the upcoming year. And what could be more exciting than forging travel plans? Now we know it’s a big world and there are a lot of beautiful places to visit, but for LGBT+ travellers, there’s hardly a better (and, if we may add, more fun) country to explore than tropical Thailand!

For most, Phuket’s famous gay party scene and Chiang Rai’s off-the-beaten-path trekking routes offer more than enough reason to visit the Thai Kingdom, but that’s not all there is to be excited about when vacationing in the country in 2020…


GCircuit Songkran is set to be bigger and better than ever before

A dancer at GCircuit Songkran in Bangkok, Thailand
Get your outfit ready: the boys at GCircuit Songkran in Bangkok put on quite the show in their stylish costumes! Photography courtesy of GCircuit

April can’t come soon enough with the arrival of GCircuit Songkran 2020 in Bangkok! The legendary gay dance party will be rocking the capital for four days straight: starting on Friday, April 10, international DJs such as Alain Jackinsky and Erick Ibiza will be bringing their finest pop and house music tunes to Bangkok’s hottest event venue, the Central Gallery at centralwOrld. If you haven’t been to GCircuit before, prepare yourself for an epic laser spectacle, special effects, some of the best dancers in the world and, of course, seriously cute guys in the crowd! The organisers are on track to top even last year’s phenomenal party extravaganza – did you really need another reason to visit in April?


Thailand’s hospitality scene is getting more exciting by the minute

A country so beloved as an exotic travel destination, Thailand could almost be forgiven for relying on the things that have attracted holidaymakers for decades: outstanding service and easy access to places of great natural beauty. But local hotels are continuously innovating and changing the game. Arrive on Thai shores in 2020 and sleep in an ultra-quirky tree house hotel, a luxury eco-resort that lets you help restoring a nearby coral reef or bed down in the sky as you check into one of Bangkok’s many high-rise hotels (rooftop pool, anyone?). Thailand was among the first countries to understand that hotels are more than just a gateway into a destination… In 2020, they’re no doubt part of the destination itself!


The local history continues to fascinate

Golden Buddha statues at a temple in Bangkok, Thailand
Thailand’s ancient history never fails to impress.

While some industries are innovating, the Kingdom’s spellbinding history remains a subject of universal interest, to the great delight of many a culturally-minded traveller. Substantial funding and UNESCO status of numerous ancient sites throughout the country have resulted in some of the best-preserved temples and places of worship in all of Southeast Asia. Want to learn about the region’s former civilisations? Simply explore their historic monuments in Ayutthaya or Sukhothai and visit one of Thailand’s state-of-the-art history museums! 2020 is set to be a fabulous year full of exhibitions for the cultural visitor – where else would you get your temple fix, if not in Thailand?


The locals celebrate diversity

LGBT+ travellers are, of course, drawn towards destinations where diversity is not only accepted, but celebrated. Adding to the locals’ reputation of kindness and curiosity to turn a visitor into a friend, is a well-connected and friendly local LGBT+ community with strongholds in Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok and even Koh Samui. Whether you decide to go island-hopping in the south or explore the art galleries (and malls) of pulsating Bangkok, it’s easy to make friends and experience the many charms of Thailand together. Best of all, you’ll be greeted with a smile wherever you go – if you ask us, there’s hardly a reason not to visit in 2020!