Beachside yoga is one way to relax in Thailand

Nature and chill – four ways to relax in Thailand’s great outdoors

While once upon a time, relaxation was something that came to people quite naturally, the stressors of urban living have made it abundantly clear that to really unwind, it’s best to retreat to nature every once in a while. And that’s no different when you’re on vacation: to find a moment of peace and relax in Thailand, travellers would be well advised to explore the country’s great outdoors!

From idyllic beaches to awe-inspiring mountain scenery and everything in between, these are some of the most mindful ways to reconnect with nature during your stay in the Kingdom…

Go forest bathing in a national park

Forest bathing is a great way to relax in Thailand
All this beauty: forest bathing is an amazing way to relax in Thailand!

What, you haven’t heard of forest bathing? The Japanese technique, known originally as ‘shinrin-yoku’ (‘forest bath’), has become a huge trend among the holistically inclined, and it’s not a surprise, seeing the benefits: research shows forest bathing reduces the production of stress hormones in the body, lowers blood pressure and boosts the immune system.

Thailand’s world-famous national parks, which cover nearly 20% of the entire country, offer incredible opportunities to bathe in nature. Popular Khao Sok and Erawan lead the way for many travellers, although the country’s lesser-known parks are equally stunning – and you’ll be sharing with fewer people!

Relax in Thailand with a beachside yoga or meditation session

Beachside yoga is one way to relax in Thailand
Strike a pose: there’s nothing quite like kicking off the day with a beachside yoga session!

If you’re a fan of wellness, you’ve probably tried yoga or meditation before. But have you done either outdoors? One amazing way to relax in Thailand is to grab your mat or take a few moments to breathe with conscience from the comfort of a bungalow on the beach.

While pros are unlikely to need guidance as they switch back and forth between their favourite poses with the sound of waves nearby, beginners won’t struggle to find a yoga studio on islands from Koh Samui to Koh Lanta – make sure you book yourself in for a sunrise meditation session for a truly relaxing start to the day!

Release toxins and stress in a natural hot spring

A travellers relaxes in a natural hot spring in Thailand
Getting soaked: natural hot springs are a sustainable and healthy way to calm down during your visit to the Kingdom.

Did you know that evidence suggests people have been using hot springs for relaxation for thousands of years? If you’ve never had the pleasure, picture them a bit like a giant jacuzzi under the sky, filled with natural water that’s heated from volcanic heat deep within the earth!

Due to the water coming from within the ground, it carries a huge amount of healthy minerals that help put your muscles at ease and balance your skin’s PH value. There are hot springs all over the Kingdom, though Krabi Province’s famous jungle ones are perhaps the most memorable… and a traditional way to relax in Thailand!

Relax in Thailand by learning about rice cultivation and harvest

Mae Chaem rice fields makes for a gorgeous sight
Rice, rice, baby: Mae Chaem is a fabulous off-the-beaten-path destination to take in beautiful rice field views.

Speaking of traditions, rice has been a staple in the country’s diet for as long as anyone can look back. In villages from the deep South to the high North, the grain is still grown using long-established techniques, and travellers are exceedingly coming to realise how rewarding a day in a rice paddy can be.

Whether you book your activity with a luxury resort in Chiang Mai or a local charity in Isan State, spending a day in the field is an incredibly immersive and grounding way to be with nature, find a bit of peace and calm, and end enjoy a healthy, well-earned and locally sourced meal before the day ends. If you ask us, it’s pure bliss!