Relaxing in Thailand

Lazy day – five reasons to spend some time doing absolutely nothing in Thailand

It’s no secret: we’re not ones to kick back and let life pass us by. Hence, we like to inspire you every week with the most adventurous and memorable experiences Thailand has to offer – and sure enough, there are plenty of those!

But every now and then, even we like to take it easy and while away some time in the land of smiles. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy some downtime during a tropical getaway? If you were looking for some ideas on things not to do, look no further. Here are our top five reasons to sit back and relax for a day.


01: It’s what the locals do

The old saying ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ applies to Thailand, too. And there can be no doubt the locals like to laze away some time on a daily basis. Whether it’s catching up with a friend at the local market or slurping an ice-cold Singha on one’s porch in the evening, Thai people value socializing and regular moments of relaxation. It’s not that they actively make time for it either; it just happens to be part of the daily routine!


02: You might enjoy it more than you think

A young woman letting herself float in the tropical waters of Thailand
Sometimes, you’ve got to just go with the flow – quite literally.

It’s common to try and see as much as possible when travelling to a faraway destination, but it’s not always the most enjoyable thing to do. Instead of planning out one’s entire stay in advance, try and go with the flow sometime. You’ll find yourself understanding your surroundings better and you’ll be more willing to try out something spontaneously – even if it’s just a simple, inexpensive but surprisingly effective massage from a small beachside parlour.


03: You’re likely to make friends

See that couple over there by the pool? They’re also doing nothing. Whereas adventurous activities offer opportunities to share a quick laugh (and a thrill!) with a bunch of friendly strangers, chatting up people at the hotel or by the sea tends to lead to deeper conversations and longer-lasting friendships. Why not invite a few ‘left-behinders’ at the hotel down to the beach for a day of chit-chat and cocktails? You’d be surprised how laidback and social people are when there’s sand between their toes.


04: You’ll take more away from your stay

A young woman relaxing whilst looking out at a Thai forest
Kick back with a coconut and let the impressions of your journey to Thailand sink in.

If you’ve already gone diving, climbing and temple-hopping, you’ll know what it’s like trying to make sense of all those new impressions. A country as rich in culture and colours as Thailand, it’s easy to try and soak it all up in one go, but you’ll only ever scratch the surface of things… Take out a day for some reflection instead and you’ll have time to think about what parts of Thai culture you’d like to explore more – or even adopt into your life back home!


05: Thailand is the perfect place to hammock and chill

This might be a bit of an obvious thing to point out, but who would argue the Thai Kingdom isn’t an ideal destination to simply do nothing at all for a while? With palm trees forever swaying in the gentle breeze, some of the most enviable swathes of sand in the world and a cuisine that’s as comforting as it is renowned, there might as well be a picture of a Thai beach next to the world ‘relaxation’ in the dictionary. If you don’t take a day to just while away here, where else would you?