Andy Warhol painting

Last chance – see gay icon Andy Warhol’s work in Bangkok

In Bangkok and in the mood for culture? We’ve got just the ticket for you: It’s impossible not to be mesmerised by Andy Warhol’s extensive catalogue of works, but beyond the cult artist’s depictions of fame and, well, everyday products picked up from his local supermarket, Warhol is also known for his very own portrayal of gay sensibilities and urban life.

River City Bangkok, the popular retail and arts destination next to the capital’s Chao Phraya River, has put together the hottest exhibition of the year with ‘Andy Warhol: Pop Art’. Spanning a whopping 128 works, the show still runs until 24 November – you better hurry! Here’s all you need to know prior to your visit…

The exhibition is incredibly diverse

The Andy Warhol exhibition at River City Bangkok shows the artist’s most iconic works. Artwork courtesy of River City Bangkok

Think you’ve seen all that Warhol’s had to offer? Think again: the emblematic artist has amassed a staggering portfolio of highly differentiated works over his decades-spanning career. Though that’s not to say Riverside won’t be displaying some true Warhol classics…

For one, visitors can look forward to seeing the well-known Brillo box paintings, his Dollar bill artworks and, of course, the most famous soup can in the world, Campbell’s Soup. The exhibition is divided into four subcategories, which also include the artist’s celebrity portraits (any Marilyn fans out there?), magazine and album covers as well as several works in other media; from video to sound recordings and more. This is all of Warhol, wrapped up into one exhibition.

Andy Warhol remains one of the most important LGBT+ artists all of times

The late and great Andy Warhol.

In addition to the above, there’s also a number of intimate self-portraits on display that offer a glimpse into Warhol’s soul, that of a gay man living through the height of the AIDS epidemic in New York City. Much of the painter’s oeuvre – and, in fact, life – was defined by his status as a member of the LGBT+ community and Warhol openly discussed his feelings for the men in his life in his autobiography.

Though certain things have always eluded words: to really get an idea of the artist’s way of thinking, one must arguably look at his works and the depictions of men in it!

Pick up a Warholian souvenir from the gift shop… or something else

What’s an exhibition without a gift shop, right? Luckily for you, River City Bangkok always has a great range of merchandise relating to their latest exhibitions available. Why not pick up a copy of Warhol’s above-mentioned autobiography, ‘The Philosophy of Andy Warhol’? Or how about a set of Andy-inspired face masks?

If the exhibition got you hooked on art in general, it’s also recommendable to stroll around the other areas of the vast River City complex, which features all sorts of art and antiques shops, selling incredible items from local makers as well as from all over Asia!

Bangkok’s prime gay district is nearby

Silom nights: Bangkok’s gay district makes for a fun detour after you check out the Andy Warhol exhibition! Photography courtesy of Telephone Bar Bangkok

If there’s one thing we can say for sure about Andy Warhol, it’s that the man loved to surround himself with people in his ‘Factory’, as well as at trendy nightclubs such as Studio 54. To pay tribute to the artist, you could always go for a drink and a dance at one of Bangkok’s fabulous gay bars…

The iconic gay streets of Silom Soi 2 and 4 are a mere 10-minute tuktuk ride from River City, and they offer just as much of a scene as the bars of New York City at the height of Warhol’s fame – really, it’d be a shame not to raise a glass to the legendary gay icon!