Kids capital – fun Bangkok places to visit with the little ones

Bustling markets, high-tech amusement parks and world-class shopping: Bangkok isn’t short of places to discover for children of all ages. In fact, the Thai capital offers a remarkable amount of entertainment options for kids, which – no doubt – can be ascribed to the special place children occupy within Thai society.

LGBT+ families love visiting cosmopolitan Bangkok, which welcomes them with the warm embrace they deserve. When travelling to the most visited city in the world (no really, look it up!), it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all that’s on offer. For a balanced, family-oriented itinerary, may we suggest you start with the below?


A boat tour down the Chayo Phraya River

A boat on the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok, Thailand
Ahoy, sailor: a boat ride down Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River comes with spectacular views – and plenty of fun!

If the idea of visiting the capital’s grand palaces and temples with small children is a bit daunting, a boat trip down Bangkok’s legendary Chao Phraya River allows you to explore these sights in a more fun way: passing attractions such as Wat Pho, Wat Arun and the Royal Palace, you’ll discover some of Thailand’s best-known sights, all in one go!

When choosing a boat, we recommend making your way to Phra Arthit Express Boat Pier in the afternoon, and purchasing a ticket for a blue-flagged vessel (skip the orange-flagged ones, which are only slightly cheaper, but offer less space for kids to move around). Once on board, lean back and watch the sunset tinge some of Bangkok’s most iconic places of interest in a magical, orange hue!


Asiatique The Riverfront

The ferris wheel at Asiatique The Riverfront, Bangkok, Thailand
All aboard: the Ferris wheel at Asiatique is a must for children of all ages! Photography courtesy of Asiatique The Riverfront

The perfect place to alight from your boat, Asiatique The Riverfront doubles as a massive playground for children and adults alike. The bustling market-cum-entertainment-complex opens at 4pm each day, and it’s jam-packed with kid-friendly thrills: there’s a ferris wheel, a theatrical performance on the history of Muay Thai, a puppet theatre, and so much more!

Asiatique is also a fabulous place for a shopping spree, with independent boutiques and vendors selling hand-made products ranging from jewellery to carved soap bars and all sorts of trinkets. If all that action’s getting the kids hungry, a myriad of restaurants cater to all imaginable tastes… Even the fussiest eaters won’t go hungry here!



A little boy plays fire fighter at KidZania Bangkok, Thailand
Learning by doing: KidZania allows children to try their hands at over 100 different career paths! Photography courtesy of KidZania

Like the sound of an interactive learning centre, where kids get to try their hand at over 100 exciting careers? Aimed at children between 4 and 14, KidZania is an utterly engaging and never-boring replica city where little ones get to slip into fun roles, playing everything from fire fighter to flight attendant!

Other than it being hugely entertaining, the experience can help children gain a first insight into their dream profession, as well as help teaching lessons on mutual respect, creativity and the importance of teamwork. We quite simply cannot recommend KidZania enough.


Baan 1000 Mai Café & Farm

Baan 1000 Mai Café & Farm, outside Bangkok, Thailand
Playground party: Baan 1000 Mai Café & Farm makes for a great day trip with kids! Photography courtesy of Baan 1000 Mai Café & Farm

Okay, okay, this idyllic little farm is an hour’s drive from busy Bangkok, but it’s worth travelling up here: located in the Sam Khok district of Pathum Thani Province, Baan 1000 Mai Café & Farm is a magical way for kids to meet and care for some of their favourite animals; from chickens to sheep and even parrots.

The family-friendly farm also allows visitors to try their hand at planting and harvesting Asia’s number one food staple, rice, and for the more action-oriented, there are canoe rides, a treehouse (including an irresistible swing!) and even experimental pottery workshops. Seriously, this place is a children’s paradise!