Here’s to you – Four ways to celebrate a milestone Thai-style

Got that promotion you’ve been working towards for a year? Or finally bought a house you’ve been eyeing? Congratulations! For hard workers like ourselves (no, really!) life’s full of those special achievements that mark a new chapter in one’s career or private life. Though that doesn’t mean we don’t also like to celebrate…

The saying ‘work hard, play harder’ is perhaps nowhere more true than in Thailand, where lush landscapes, a warm climate and a certain joie de vivre invite locals and visitors alike to clink glasses to all that makes life so great – including those special milestones. Need some ideas on how to celebrate Thai-style? Read on.


Karaoke the night away in Bangkok

Don’t you think only because you’re celebrating an achievement doesn’t mean you can’t make a bit of a fool of yourself! Originally from Japan, Karaoke has long conquered the rest of the world and the Thai capital has grown a special liking towards the East Asian import. Both Silom and Sukhumvit are home to a myriad of karaoke places where a colourful bunch of people gather each night to belt out international pop classics (you better leave Cher to us, sweetie) and release their inner rock stars! Once you’re done treating your companions to an, errm, unplugged version of Beyoncé’s ‘Halo’, swiftly make your way to the gay bars of Silom Soi 4, where the party never stops!


Get a scuba license in Koh Tao

A female scuba diver in Koh Tao, Thailand
Whether you get a PADI or an SSI license on Koh Tao doesn’t matter – you’ll get to discover beautiful underwater worlds either way!

Who says you can’t celebrate your greatness by becoming even greater? A new skill is just the thing to take home from your Thai vacation – because it paves the way to yet another milestone. The quirky little island of Koh Tao is widely considered among the best diving spots in the world and you wouldn’t be the first tourist to fall head over heels (into the turquoise sea) for underwater adventures. An affordable three-day beginner’s course will take you down to 18 metres, where fish of all shapes and sizes whirl all around you in an animated veil of a thousand colours… If you’re lucky, you’ll even come across the majestic whale shark – a memory to last a lifetime!


Enjoy a helicopter ride with a champagne breakfast in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is always a good idea; especially when there’s champagne involved. Milestone achievers looking to take the idea of clinking glasses literally should book themselves an early morning helicopter ride over Chedi-studded Chiang Mai and its beautiful, verdant surroundings. Somewhere between northern Thailand’s mountains and the rising sun, it’s hard not to feel a true sense of bliss and gratitude. We’d like to think a helicopter ride that comes with champagne makes for a perfect romantic celebration, though whether you float across the sky with your other half, a friend or all by yourself; please just tap yourself on the shoulder. You deserve this!


Take it easy on exclusive Koh Kood

A beach on Koh Kood, Thailand
This is what an average day on Koh Kood looks like.

Often hailed as one of the most beautiful islands not only in Thailand, but all of Asia, Koh Kood is an utter treat, am to pm. Wake up to a mouth-watering breakfast in one of its upscale resorts (of which, rest assured, there are comparatively few, meaning the beaches won’t ever be crowded!) and see where the day takes you. From chartering a yacht to nearby islands of the Chang archipelago to learning how to cook your favourite Thai dish or giving the jet ski a spin – you could also just kick back, relax and pop another bottle of champagne: your milestone, your celebration!