GCircuit 2019: Wet and wild, Songkran

In Thailand, culture is an enjoyable experience all by itself. For LGBT travelers, it’s also a comfortable one. The more you experience, and the more people you meet, you realize the variety of ways to enjoy Thailand for LGBTQ tourists as just as available to us as they are for any other traveler.

Here, the limits are gone, and the options open up. Whether you’re looking to grab a backpack, a drink, or a pair of flip-flops, you’ll probably run into fewer problems as a gay man or woman here than in many other places. It’s a good thing then because there’s a lot of us guys visiting this April!

More on that in two seconds. During last our contest, we asked LGBTQ fans to let us know what stands out when it comes to traveling comfortably in Thailand as openly gay individuals.
You can bet we got some great responses! We’re not sure if it was the prize of gCircuit tickets, the flight, and hotel, or all three, but the passion was in full flow for these entries!

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Been traveling around Europe for more than a month, luckily met quite a lot of fellow travelers and locals in my journey, they’re straight, homosexual or bisexual. And whenever we talk about travel and Asia, everyone chose Thailand as their dream and top destination. We travel to Thailand not just because of its hospitality, food and amazing nightlife, but also for its freedom. In Thailand, no one cares about your nationality, sexuality or your background, everyone is welcomed in this land of smile. And that is also why Thailand has always been my dream destination. #gothaibefree @gcircuit #hkig #loveislove #happypride #gaysian #traveler #travellife #travelgram #travelling #travelholic #travel #instaboy #instatravel #thailand #amazingthailand #belgium #brussels #pridemonth #traveleurope #worldtraveler #gaytravel #thegaypassport #gay #homosexual #bisexual #gaystagram #sexuality #onelove #freedom #pride

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Hey Gcircuit boys! I can tell you that being gay means more than just being part of a community or sexual orientation. It’s who I’ve always been. In my daily life it reminds me of how lucky I am. I get to experience a side of life that many don’t or can’t understand. My straight friends that is. I have seen and experienced intolerance against us. I lived through a time when it wasn’t “OK” in school and had others treat me bad because of it. Being gay has given me strength to push back against those that disrespect me for who I am and help others to be themselves. Never forget those that fought for what we have today. Thank you 🙏🏼 #gCircuitX #gcircuit #GoThaiBeFree @gcircuit

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Still, even though there’s only one winner to the contest, we’re willing to help you discover your own adventure doing the same thing they are!

Our partner gCircuit has built an absolutely fantastic and fanatical audience, and the gay men that are part of their party scene are more than fans — they’re a tight-knit community. Every detail of the gCircuit is perfectly curated to create an electric and intimate three-day electronic fest that breaks boundaries between a simple dance and club parties to a creative way to connect and celebrate with an endless amount of gay men. Each nightly party is themed with a trendy, sexy twist. This year, you can look out for Songkran, Wet & Wild Edition!

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Being gay today, I consider myself so lucky that I have a perfect partner, loving and open minded family and friends and a very accepting workplace. I love that I can be myself and live freely. Not everyone is as fortunate, so we must continue to create awareness that we are just like everyone else and want equality. We must also never forget the struggles and suffering of our community. I don’t have to hide or censor myself, but instead, I can celebrate myself and who and what I am. In April, my friends, partner and I went to Bangkok and did just that. I love that we have always felt welcomed and accepted in Thailand. #GoThaiBeFree @gcircuit #gayperth #instagay #instahomo #loveislove #gcircuit @thailandinsider #pride #thailandinsider

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Check out the party themes below:


  • Opening party: Heaven on Earth
  • Main Party: Clone World
  • Closing Party: Aquatica  


Picture standing in the middle of the floor as pounding electric music cascades through the air all night long. Imagine going to bed afterwards, only to wake up to the Bear or Boy Pool Party, filled with throngs of other carefree guys. Now, multiply the carefree celebration by three action-packed days.

Each and every gCircuit event hosts a huge mix of DJ’s from local and international backgrounds, and early booked visitors are already fawning over the list. Take a look at the full list here if you’d like to take a listen and get your body in line with the BPM.

Outside of the actual gCircuit event, Bangkok becomes an ultra-sensory experience. The event is hosted during the Thai New Year of Songkran, which means that even when you’re not in the mix with other guys, you can hit the streets to celebrate the festivities with the locals, as well finally getting in some gains (and getting rid of hangovers) with the authentic and unforgettable Thai we all know and love.

Making your time in and around the events of Songkran and gCircuit as easy as possible, and to keep the gCircuit fam connected, circuit organizers have partnered with a variety of hotels around Bangkok intended to suit any taste or style. If you’re looking to continue the party after the pool closes or the bar runs the last call, you can always set up with your friends to book the same hotel, or hang out with your new friends, because they’re always going to be nearby!

Promotions are available for these rooms now, but not if you wait, so it’s probably best to take a look here before Songkran booking season is in full swing!

If you’re ready to book, head over to the gCircuit website here. Additionally, if you’d like to connect with some guys who are planning to be there before you visit, make sure to follow gCircuit on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where the updates and excitement are enough to keep you hyped for the next hundred days or so.

Saying Thailand (or any country for that matter) is accepting is one thing, but experiencing it is another. As some of us might know, it can be difficult expressing being an LGBTQ individual when visiting certain countries or experience cultures, and for some of us who haven’t had the best experiences elsewhere, it takes a lot to get over it, and a little bit of proof to truly trust and understand new experiences. If there’s one way in Thailand to do that, we promise it’s gCircuit. There’s nothing quite like a thousand-plus other guy to make you feel right at home.

Early bird tickets are now on sale. Get yours, and we’ll see you there.