Influencers in Thailand

Gays gone wild – LGBT+ influencers in Thailand

Lovingly referred to as the ‘land of 1000 smiles’, Thailand is one of the world’s most welcoming destinations and, as if that wasn’t reason enough to visit the Kingdom, it’s also known as a treasure trove for anyone looking for adventure, natural beauty, ancient culture and bustling nightlife. Needless to say, Instagram influencers have long caught wind of all that makes the tropical country so rewarding a place to visit, and the community’s coolest voices love destinations from Chiang Mai down to Koh Lanta. Reason enough to showcase some of our favourite moments courtesy of LGBT+ influencers in Thailand!

Photo fun in Khao Sok National Park

@pacodylan_ and @codyfreeman101 in Khao Sok National Park: influencers in Thailand
Just do it: LGBT+ influencers @pacodylan_ and @codyfreeman101 had a fabulous time in Khao Sok National Park!

Now that is one good jump: when the hilarious and super-fun @pacodylan_ posts to his Insta feed, you know you’re in for something quirky… or something sexy! Throw @codyfreeman101 in the mix et voila, that’s a post we’ll double-tap. The two took some time to snap this fun pic during their trip to magical Khao Sok National Park, a huge protected area in southern Thailand with remnants of rainforest older and more diverse than the Amazon. While in the park, it’s a must to visit the 185 square-kilometre Cheow Lan Lake, to explore the waters by kayak, sleep in an overwater bungalow or take hilarious pictures such as the above, like influencers in Thailand would!

Influencers in Thailand celebrating a birthday in off-the-beaten-path Koh Rok

@thejennaway in Koh Rok: influencers in Thailand
Rok ‘n’ Roll: wonderful @thejennaway clearly enjoyed spending her birthday on Koh Rok!

It’s simply impossible not to love this bundle of love and good vibes: super-cool @thejennaway decided to celebrate her sweet 28 in the Kingdom a while back, and pretty Koh Rok in the Andaman Sea promised to be just the location for some fun-filled shenanigans. Consisting of two tiny islands, Koh Rok is part of the Koh Lanta region, whose hotels can organise speedboat transfers to the lesser-visited islets. If you’ve been looking for a tropical escape from the masses, put this gem of a destination on your bucket list – just remember to pack a snorkel and some good vibes!

Visiting an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai

@martinhocferreira in Chiang Mai: influencers in Thailand
Trunk call: @martinhocferreira shared this cute moment with his followers on Instagram, and many influencers in Thailand have enjoyed similar experiences!

Well, that’s one way to go wild! The always-smiley @martinhocferreira made sure to grace his followers with an adorable post honouring Thailand’s gentle giants. When visiting an elephant sanctuary in the Chiang Mai region, it’s important to do your research first, and only book experiences with camps that refrain from offering elephant rides or other types of entertainment. Ethical sanctuaries will always put the animals first and ensure they also have a good time. Bathing with the giants can make for an unforgettable experience, and it’s best to support a camp which will only allow small groups so as to not intimidate the elephants. Follow these rules and you’re in for a great time – just ask Martin!

Influencers in Thailand watching the sunset with their other half

@ourtasteforlife in Krabi: influencers in Thailand
Prepare for magic: watching the sun melt into the sea is an absolute must on a lovers’ getaway.. just ask @ourtasteforlife!

What could be more romantic than spending the night watching the stars with the sound of the sea washing over the beach? The wonderful Natalie and Charlotte of @ourtasteforlife invited their followers to experience this magical moment with them a while back, and they’re certainly not the only influencers in Thailand who love sunsets… Down in the southern province of Krabi, the cragged shoreline bursts with secret little places that invite travellers to enjoy this miracle of nature in total privacy. Whether you’re an influencer or not, this is an utterly romantic thing to do whilst visiting the Kingdom – and a highly Insta-worthy one, too!