Chase and Allen say yes in a romantic ceremony in Phuket

Gay wedding in Thailand – Florida couple ties the knot on the island of Phuket

Having your own gay wedding in Thailand has got to be the single most romantic thing any couple can do while vacationing in the land of smiles. And just recently, this very special dream came true for Florida couple Chase and Allen, the talented video creators behind @chasingfilmpro. The pair travelled to the Kingdom’s largest island under the Phuket Sandbox scheme, which allows fully vaccinated holidaymakers to journey to the island without the need to quarantine!

And because in Thailand, we believe diversity is amazing, the North American branch of the Tourism Authority of Thailand has even offered to help make Chase and Allen’s stay especially romantic… this is how to do a gay wedding in Thailand!

Chase and Allen on route to their gay wedding in Thailand
En route to paradise: Chase and Allen take a selfie mid-flight.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, life as we all knew it has come to a standstill – and that includes some of the biggest and most important celebrations in anyone’s life. For creative couple Chase and Allen, it was very much the same: having previously planned to tie the knot, the virus has put their plans on hold and forced them to wait an entire 16 months until their special day would come. When they heard about Thailand’s efforts to reopen pockets of the country to international tourism, starting with Phuket, they were all ears, and ultimately arrived on Thai shores within less than a month of the tropical island reopening.

Chase and Allen say yes in a romantic ceremony in Phuket
Saying yes: the couple spent their special day in a warm and welcoming environment… and in good company!

A beautiful and romantic wedding ceremony was held at the LGBTQ-welcoming Bluesiam Villa near Surin Beach, which would make for a perfect location for any gay wedding in Thailand, but was also the sort of venue the couple had pictured for their ‘dream ceremony’: a relaxed, seaside location that’s gay-friendly and full of soul. ‘Upon learning of the Phuket Sandbox Program’, said Chase, ‘we started planning and contacting the wedding planner where the hosting company can build confidence and demonstrate professionalism. So we decided to choose a wedding in beautiful Phuket’.

Sunset cruise in Phuket, Thailand
Romance guaranteed: a sunset cruise around the Andaman Sea is a perfect way to celebrate while on honeymoon.

But no nuptials are complete without a sensational honeymoon, and so after their special day, the newlyweds engaged in all sorts of activities across the island – from cultural excursions to reconnecting with nature and, of course, eating their way through the Kingdom’s culinary offering. To celebrate with the two, the North American branch of the Tourism Authority of Thailand invited the pair on an utterly romantic sunset cruise with popular Nikorn Marine around the Andaman Sea. Chase and Allen also decided to use the opportunity to do some resort-hopping, moving from the ultra-luxurious Pavilions Phuket to the beachside The Racha Resort (taking into account the sheer size of the island, hotel-hopping has become a bit of a trend in recent years!).

Chase and Allen enjoy their honeymoon in Phuket, Thailand
All smiles: newlyweds Chase and Allen enjoy a boat trip off the coast of Phuket.

It’s hardly surprising that a gay wedding in Thailand would be a dream come true for many a same-sex couple, and it’s for good reason the Kingdom continuously ranks among the world’s queer-friendliest destinations. The Tourism Authority of Thailand and GoThaiBeFree once again congratulate Chase and Allen on their love, the promise they made to one another, and on getting to celebrate it in paradise – where everyone is welcome!

Gay wedding in Thailand

Like what you see? If you’re considering your very own gay wedding in Thailand, do it like Chase and Allen who worked with the talented team at Wedding Boutique Phuket (just check out their amazing Instagram!), and capture all the magic and romance of your special day with the help of Madiow Photography – who have an equally gorgeous Instagram account!