A lesbian couple at The Barai.

Gay-friendly wellness retreats in Thailand – four healing havens you’ll love

‘Wellness’… It’s a word that’s been buzzing around a lot lately, especially in our post-pandemic world. From superfoods and self-help books to intermittent fasting and puppy yoga (yes, that’s a thing), it seems we’re all on the lookout for that secret formula to reboot our mental, emotional, and spiritual hard drives. This growing emphasis on personal well-being is not only transforming how we approach our daily lives but it’s changing the way we globetrot, with more travellers than ever seeking destinations that go beyond the typical tourist experience – and these four gay-friendly wellness retreats in Thailand are answering that call. 

From an award-winning wellness and medical retreat situated in Bangkok’s ‘Green Lung”, to a private paradise in Hua Hin with one the most unique spas in the Kingdom, these handpicked sanctuaries invite you to ditch the daily grind and find yourself in the process. 


A woman relaxes in a sauna at one of the gay-friendly wellness retreats in Thailand named Kamalaya.
Sweat away the stress in Kamalaya’s Steam Cavern. Photography courtesy of Kamalaya Koh Samui.

In a world where stress and burnout seem ever-constant, this multi-award-winning wellness retreat offers a respite like no other. Tucked into Koh Samui’s tranquil south coast, on a sacred hillside where Buddhist monks have sought enlightenment for centuries, Kamalaya’s philosophy is all about holistic healing from the inside out using both Eastern traditions and Western medical research.

Kamalaya understands that every individual’s wellness journey is unique. That’s why they offer a space where you can define and refine your wellness goals, tailoring your program to your specific needs. Their team comprises Naturopaths, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, Yoga instructors, fitness trainers, massage therapists, Meditation and Life Enhancement Mentors, and other health experts. 

RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat

A woman on a therapeutic contraption at Rakxa, one of the most well-known  gay-friendly wellness retreats in Thailand.
Find your balance in the hands of experts. Photography courtesy of RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat.

Just a short distance from the whirlwind of Bangkok, RAKxa is a stark contrast to the city’s frenetic pace. In fact, it feels like a completely different dimension – one where the chaos and noise of the metropolis give way to peace and serenity.

This groundbreaking wellness retreat, located on Bangkok’s preserved ‘Green Lung’, gives guests a choice of four distinct programs: Weight Control & Detox, Rebalance Body & Mind, Wellbeing & Recovery, and Advanced Aesthetics. Each program is meticulously designed to address various aspects of your well-being with treatments that are backed by science. If you’re short on time, the ‘Discover RAKxa’ program offers a three-night experience that serves as both a taster of their wellness services and an opportunity to undergo an in-depth analysis of your health. 

Oh, and do not worry about leaving this retreat hungry: RAKxa has certainly cracked the code on healthy dining, earning high acclaim from wellness seekers and gourmands alike. 

CC’s Hideaway

A woman doing yoga at Kata Beach.
Yoga with a view: Nature’s beauty meets inner peace at CC’s Hideaway.

While the office printer jams for the third time today, you could be on a peaceful hilltop in Phuket, gracefully contorting into the ‘downward dog’, breathing air that’s heavy with the scent of tropical blossoms and sea salt at the fabulous CC’s Hideaway

With a backdrop of stunning coastal vistas, this laid-back resort and wellness hub frequently hosts immersive yoga retreats, inviting participants to delve deeper into their practice while relishing the benefits of meditation, nourishing cuisine, and a variety of rejuvenating treatments. 

Not only is CC’s hideaway one of the most gay-friendly wellness retreats in Thailand but it’s proudly gay-owned, with many of its employees also being a part of the queer community. For those seeking a change of pace, it’s worth noting that the resort is just a 15-minute taxi ride from Patong, the epicentre of Phuket’s gay scene.

The Barai by Hyatt Regency

A gay couple at The Barai, one of the most unique gay-friendly wellness retreats in Thailand.
Experience pure, pampered luxury fit for royalty at The Barai. Photography courtesy of The Barai.

Water fountains, red clay walls, steaming rose petal baths, and a manmade reservoir surrounded by pillars… the notion of lounging around all day whilst a team of gentlemen in loincloths fan you with palm leaves and feed you grapes almost seems like a perfectly plausible reality at this award-winning destination spa in Hua Hin. 

Situated on more than 4.5 acres of beachfront land adjacent to the Hyatt Regency, The Barai boasts 18 treatment rooms with treatments that weave together time-honoured Thai traditions and cutting-edge Western therapies. In addition, The retreat embraces a holistic ethos that nurtures the well-being of mind, body, and spirit through The Lifestyle Collection and their signature Four Elements Balancing Health Program.

The Barai is one of the most uniquely Instagramable gay-friendly wellness retreats in Thailand and a quintessential choice for those seeking a deeply healing spa experience.