Four reasons to go on a thrilling Thai adventure trip

Zip-lining through the evergreen jungles of Kanchanaburi Province, conquering the imposing rock formations of the Railay peninsula, coming face to fin with whale sharks in the Andaman Sea and exploring the remote mountain villages of the north – Thailand is one hell of a ride if you’re looking for an action-packed holiday!

What, you thought you were just going to laze away by the beach during your stay in the tropical kingdom? Think again: a trip to Thailand simply isn’t complete without a thrill or two, and if the above isn’t for you, there are plenty more adventures on Thai shores. Here are four reasons to seek them out…


Thailand is the ultimate adventure destination

First of all, Thailand is arguably one of the best places on Earth to walk on the wild side. It’s not many countries that can pride themselves on offering such a wide array of ecosystems prone to experiential fun – and it’s even fewer that welcome all travellers to dive right into it, regardless of who they are. If climbing and zip-lining aren’t your thing, why not take to the road on a two-week motorbiking trip around the country, including white water rafting excursions and overnight stays in a floating village? Between the depth of its seas and the tips of its mountains, the Thai kingdom is quite simply a bonanza of thrills!


It’s a great way to meet people

There’s hardly a better excuse to get chatting with a stranger than when you need that extra bit of encouragement before rappelling down a cliff, especially if there’s a rustling waterfall in the way… But it’s not just when abseiling that you’ll be grateful for some company. Whatever way you choose to push your limits during your Thai vacation, there’s almost certainly a meal involved (if you’re lucky, it’s by a beachside bonfire) and you’ll find yourself swapping stories and reliving the excitement of the day with an international bunch of new friends who cheered you on earlier. And you know what they say: friends that rappel together stay together!


You can support a good cause

Want to leave a little more behind than your hotel slippers? More and more adventure tour operators are incorporating meaningful ways to give back whilst you’re having the time of your life. Take, for instance, award-winning social enterprise HiveSters whose sustainable take on experiencing Thailand includes preserving the country’s stunning natural environments as well as threatened culture and communities. Go on a culinary adventure with them, sampling your way through Bangkok’s Chinatown at night or trying the traditional fare in the streets of Nang Loeng, where family-owned food stalls that have been open for 60 years count on customers to pass their businesses (and recipes!) on to the next generation. Bon appetit!


You’ll make memories that last a lifetime

If you remember the excitement from going on a night walk as a child, you’re not the only one. It tends to be exactly those times when we do something out of the ordinary or downright intimidating, that real-life magic reveals itself – and that’s an experience hard to forget. Night walks in Thailand take suspense to another level as the rainforest comes alive with the sound of thousand wild animals after dusk. Hike around the tropical jungle with an experienced, local guide who will point out sleeping parrots and preying snakes in the trees above, as well as all types of exotic critters at your feet. This is the kind of adventure to tell your grandchildren about!