Gay couple enjoying a tuk tuk ride in Bangkok, Thailand

Four fun activities for modern couples visiting Thailand

When visiting the Thai Kingdom, many travelling couples’ main concern is figuring out what they can’t afford to miss – there’s so much to do in the country, lovebirds are literally spoiled for choice. One way of planning out your romantic (but fun!) getaway to the tropics is to go beyond the obvious tourist attractions and opt for more thrilling, unique experiences…

Want to take your other half on the vacation of a lifetime? Check out the below activities and you’ll find yourselves crying tears of joy before head back home with a suitcase full of unforgettable memories.


Tuk tuk your way around Bangkok with VIE Hotel

A tuk tuk driver at VIE Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Hop on – VIE Hotel’s tuk tuk service is one of the most exciting ways to explore Bangkok! Photography courtesy of VIE Hotel

There are many reasons to book yourself into VIE Hotel Bangkok, a luxury address highly supportive of LGBT+ tourism to Thailand. From the property’s incredible spa to the drop-dead gorgeous rooftop pool (you’re welcome, Instagrammers!), the five-star property bursts with fun things to do.

The most entertaining activity by far, however, has got to be the hotel’s complimentary tuk tuk service, available exclusively to guests: jump on the speedy vehicles and fly around the capital’s bustling streets en route to some of its most mesmerising sights; think temples, parks and palaces. Just tell your driver where to go and voila – you’re all set for a thrilling day of Bangkok shenanigans!


Grab a drink underneath the wing of a retired plane at Chang Chui night market

This newly opened market has received a warm welcome by locals and visitors alike, for its main attraction is nothing less than spectacular: a massive L-1011 TriStar Lockheed plane sits smack-bang in the middle of the market, surrounded by heaps of art and great street food.

Chang Chui is divided into different zones, some of which are open throughout the day, while others only open in the evenings – arrive in the afternoon and stroll around the market’s many stalls selling locally made art by Bangkok creators, before grabbing a cocktail from the Runway Bar, which sits underneath the decommissioned plane. Fasten up your seatbelt for this one!


Visit Phuket’s Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

Chalong Bay Distillery, Phuket, Thailand
No visit to Phuket’s Chalong Bay Distillery is complete without a few souvenirs, right? Photography courtesy of Chalong Bay Distillery

Looking to make your trip to Thailand a little boozier, still? Take your significant other down to the Chalong Bay Rum Distillery: the friendly folks here produce their very own, handcrafted rum made from sustainably grown sugarcane in a process that combines traditional machinery with innovative craftsmanship – best of all, rum aficionados are welcome to look over the distillery’s shoulder!

There are daily tours starting every hour between 2pm and 6pm. They include a guided walk around the facility, a tasting session (their rum is delicious, but don’t just take it from us!), a Chalong Bay mojito and, needless to say, a great time!


Get wet at Chiang Mai Grand Canyon

Yes, you read that right: Thailand’s capital of cool, Chiang Mai, is home to its very own canyon, but it’s not what you think… The canyon was once a quarry, but over time, it filled up with rainwater and the locals started to swim here. Fast forward a few years and the quasi-canyon has become a popular tourist attraction!

Inexpensive to enter, it makes for a cheap and cheerful alternative to temple-hopping; in fact, the waterpark that’s been built on and around the canyon lake is a haven for water sports lovers: think inflatable slides and giant rubber ducks – this is as fun as it gets in the city otherwise known for ancient temples and cultural sights. What are you waiting for?