Drag Race Thailand Performer

Five ways to see the Queens of Drag Race Thailand in Bangkok

Drag Race Thailand has caused an international storm since its debut, showcasing Thailand’s most talented and fierce queens to the world. But there’s a big difference between seeing the queens through a TV screen (or through an Instagram filter, or twelve) and meeting them in the flesh. Luckily, Bangkok has always been a melting pot of the country’s finest drag performers, so it’s the perfect place to watch them lip-sync, dance or ‘read’ the night away.


Maggie Choo’s

On Sunday nights, this atmospheric, underground jazz club transforms into a sumptuous den playing host to a riotous party, presided over by none other than Drag Race judge Pangina Heals. Expect regular appearances from Drag Race alumni, champagne corks a-popping, dance competitions and campy insult-swapping. At Maggie Choo’s, audience participation is almost compulsory and no-one is safe, although it’s all in the name of good fun.


The Stranger Bar

This intimate bar is situated right in the heart of the gayborhood, Silom soi 4. You’ll have to jostle with the other spectators for the best view, but will get to see all the raunchy detail, up close and personal. The shows take more of a cabaret vibe, with fishy queens parading around in underwear and dancing on the bar, Coyote Ugly style. Plus, it’s a favourite hang out for the stars from Drag Race, both on and off-duty.


G-Spot Theme Party

These eagerly awaited parties are held on the first Saturday of the month at Vertigo TOO, a stunning and boujie bar offering duplex, floor-to-ceiling views of the city. It’s a fun, lighthearted vibe with games, competitions and drag queen shows. Each month there’s a different costume theme to look forward to; the drag queens, hosts and guests alike go all out with their outfits.


White Orchid Cruise

If clubbing or bar-hopping isn’t your thing, this cruise is a great way to combine stunning views of the city with some fabulous entertainment, Drag Race style. The cruise takes you along the Chao Phraya river, offering stunning vistas of the the Grand Palace and Wat Aru while you dine. Meanwhile, cabaret performances are also on the menu; Drag Race star Annee Maywong is a mainstay performer on the boat, serving up fish to go with your, well, fish!

DJ Station

This superclub is a Bangkok institution and a must visit while you’re in the city. With multiple rooms and dancefloors, there’s something for everyone music-wise. Plus, there’s a more low-key bar area where Thailand’s drag superstars can often be found lipsyncing for their lives to a mixed, up-for-it crowd.


Featured image courtesy of Drag Race Thailand