Finding Your Perfect LGBT+ Party Scene In Thailand

The days are growing shorter, the nights are growing longer, and yes, winter is coming.
All these cold days have us thinking of just a couple of things, and most of them relate to keeping warm through the season!

One of the memories that keep us filled with warm feelings is the 2018 gCircuit Songkran Celebration. Just a little while ago, we gave our fans a chance to win two tickets to gCircuit courtesy of the organizers themselves, and a flight to join the party for 2019!

We quickly discovered that gCircuit is crazy popular with our readers because we received hundreds of entries and responses! In order to enter, users from all over the country were asked to explain to us what it means to be welcomed judgment-free in Thailand as an LGBTQ tourist, and boy, did they deliver. We’ll be sharing some of those stories at a later date, including a little background on our winner, so keep an eye out!

In case you’re late to the party, we can help you make it early for the next one. gCircuit is Asia’s biggest gay circuit party, taking place in Thailand each year at the height of Songkran. The holiday heralds the arrival of the Buddhist New Year, but has grown to become a symphony of events, celebrations, and endless water fights over a three-day span. You’re never dry for too long over the holiday if you’re out celebrating among the crowds. The same is true for gCircuit experience. Whether you’re experiencing day-after-day poolside sessions with stripped down guys or sweltering nights filled with music, you’re in for a few days soaked in debauchery.

April 2018 has come and gone, but 2019’s gCircuit program is already getting us hyped up!

For more updates, keep up with gCircuit on Instagram and Facebook!

Unfortunately, we still have to wait half a year for the actual event! We’re still stuck in the middle of the colder seasons, and while the blankets, fireplace, and a cuddle buddy are all great ideas, the best one is just to get away to someplace warm. Luckily, that’s our specialty!

Forget about the weather report, and relive just a little bit of that spring and summer weather in the warmth of the sun. No matter if you’re mingling single or looking to catch another summer retreat with your girl or guy, we’ve got a few party spots that will get you warm while you wait for gCircuit to return. No matter what you celebrate, the holiday season is all about the company you keep, and that’s why we’re helping you find the best places to get some…


For the Girls


We know! Sometimes finding a spot just for you and the girls is a bit of a research project. Well, today, we’ve got you just the spot. We’re always down for a party in the Land of Smiles, and for the girls, LESLA Party is a great event that you should make time for if you manage to get into the country around just in time for their monthly party.

LESLA Party promises itself as the biggest lesbian party in all of Asia. Now, we consider ourselves quite the LGBTQ travel connoisseurs, and while we haven’t gone in depth into venue square footage and the number of people at the party compared to other hotspots, we know for a fact that the dancefloor gets plenty busy here. The party event takes place every first Saturday of the month, but it’s best if you keep an eye out on the group’s Facebook page for details on any scheduling changes or event highlights. The party usually goes down at Why Here!


For the Guys


Just like clockwork, we’re heading straight into the last few weeks of the year, and we know that means that White Party BKK is right around the corner! The circuit party has been growing year after year in popularity since it started in 2015, and there’s not much time to grab a ticket for the event. White Party hosts the only circuit party of its kind in Asia and was the first of their parties to show up outside of North America.

White Party hosts four parties over the three-day festivities, and hosts a whopping 14,000 partygoers! With that many guys all in one place, it’s not very hard to find someone to get closer to, and the party gives you plenty of excuses to do just that. WP schedules Party Programs for each day, welcoming you to come to the club dressed in all sorts of creatively sultry uniforms, from skin-baring military-inspired uniforms to futuristic or out-of-this-world outfits. If you’re trying to show off your sexy, creative side and your still sculpted summer bod, you’ve found the right place.

Of course, if you don’t want the adventure to end, TropOut is serving as the official host of the Post-White Party. Running from January 2nd until the 6th in Koh Samui, the group adventure hooks you up with guys that you might have met during your time at WP, and gives you great way to get in some beach time (or at least attempt to) after promising yourself that you won’t drink ever again for the fourth day in a row at White Party. Of course, paired with the Samui yacht party and pool adventures at Alpha Gay Resort, it’s still an action-packed adventure to grab ahold of.


Something for Anyone


While LESLA Party is more in-tune with Bangkok’s girls, and the events of White Party and TropOut appeal more so to the guys, Go Grrrls is much more freewheeling, giving LGBT girls and guys a non-exclusive chance to enjoy a packed party without engaging in the same level of body-on-body action found in some of Thailand’s more electric or male-dominated venues. The party trades out some of the club circuit tunes with decidedly more chill tones, the drinks are cheap, delicious, and cold,

As you can tell from checking out their Instagram, it’s pretty much always a good time, with guests and party collaborators setting constantly switching up party sounds and styles. It’s best to keep up with the girls and guys on Facebook and Instagram, because the parties are just as spontaneous as the people organizing them.