A natural landscape, preserved by eco-tourism in Thailand

Eco-tourism in Thailand – four responsible ways to make magical discoveries in the Kingdom

Looking to make a green mark on your next vacation? You’ve come to the right place: eco-tourism in Thailand has truly taken off over the last two decades, and an increasing number of destinations across the Kingdom offer visitors unforgettable experiences to contribute to and become involved in sustaining Thailand’s nature and traditions.

LGBT+ travellers are of course welcome to join in on the fun! Whether you’ve come to experience Chiang Mai’s burgeoning gay scene or you’re partying it up on Phuket, it’s easy to make time for a more conscious way to discover the Kingdom; and it sure is rewarding, too!

Go on an adventure with the HiveSters

Stone-polishing bronzeware workshop by HiveSters in Thailand
Keeping traditions alive: why not book a HiveSters experience to learn about stone-polishing bronzeware? There are only six people in all of Thailand still teaching the polishing method! Photography courtesy of HiveSters

A shining example of eco-tourism done right, HiveSters was set up by two sisters Mint and Achi with the creed that tourism can be a way to preserve culture. Each adventure a traveller books with the company immediately benefits Thai locals, with money going straight towards improving livelihoods and supporting a number of cultural preservation projects!

From bustling Bangkok to little-known Samut Sakhon, HiveSters organise experiential tours ranging from authentic street food cooking classes to learning Thailand’s original Chatree dance from a local grandmother and building your own, traditional Thai kite. Giving back has rarely been this fun!


Learn the ways of the locals in Chang Thun village

Chang Thun Village, Thailand
The simple life: a stay in Chang Thun village means you can participate in plenty of activities supporting its locals – including some four-legged ones!

Community-based tourism is an unstoppable travel trend, so much so that some eco-villages have been turned upside down to accommodate international tourists, which can disturb local sustainability efforts. There are, however, still places where authenticity is key. One of them is Chang Thun, a small village in the lesser-visited Trat Province.

Here, visitors get to experience the ‘real’ Thailand, far from fancy resorts and non-stop nightlife. In staying at a simple, family-run Chang Thun homestay, you can directly improve the local quality of life. The village’s residents run a number of activities, from trekking to weaving classes, all entirely managed without a third party, meaning your money will go where it will truly make a difference!

Stay at Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort outside Chiang Mai

Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort outside Chiang Mai, Thailand
Sleep in the jungle: a stay at this resort outside Chiang Mai is simply magical! Photography courtesy of Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort

Ever wanted to live a treehouse as a child? Of course you did. At Rabeang Pasak Treehouse Resort outside Chiang Mai, your wish could come true for a few days – and you’d be making a positive impact in the process!

The tiny resort in the midst of a teakwood forest features only eight treehouses (two of which are family-sized!). Built from locally-sourced wood, the ‘cottages’ are in complete harmony with the surrounding forest and the owners help visitors make sustainable holiday choices by providing free bicycles to get around as well as veggie-friendly options for all meals. What’s not to love?


Become a hero with Trash Hero

Plastic beach clean-up in Thailand
Heros wanted: you can help make a big difference by giving as little as a few hours of your time.

The voices in the fight against plastic pollution are becoming louder and louder each year, and one of them is Trash Hero, a non-governmental organisation devoted to putting an end to wasteful use of plastic products. Anyone thinking about eco-tourism in Thailand should check their website to see whether they can join a local clean-up during their stay in the Kingdom!

Other than being able to give back and join a good cause, participants also get to make friends along the way, making a Trash Hero clean-up not only a responsible activity to put on your travel agenda, but also a super social and fun one. Meet us by the beach!


Eco-tourism in Thailand