Pool at The Library, Koh Samui, Thailand

A bigger splash – the most plunge-worthy pools at Thailand’s LGBT-friendly hotels

Visitors to Thailand are as varied as they come, but there’s one thing almost every traveller to the Southeast Asian kingdom has planned for their Thai vacation: splish-splashing around a pool on a sultry day. And how could you not? A tropical country home to some of the world’s best hotels, Thailand also boasts some of the world’s most plunge-worthy swimming pools…

What’s more, there are a number of outspokenly LGBT-friendly properties that feature truly exceptional pools – the kind you’d want to Instagram. Take a deep breath and dive headfirst into the below to see what we mean!


The red pool at The Library, Koh Samui

This little number is perhaps the most unusual looking pool on the island, if not in the country. Once you’ve picked up your jaw from the ground, shake off those flip flops and walk right into the ‘big red’, as many guests call it. Though it looks a hot shade of crimson, the water in The Library’s pool of course isn’t dyed. Instead, the hotel’s pool is decked in a bright red mosaic complimenting the colour of surrounding sun loungers and umbrellas that stand in stark contrast to the icy white building and turquoise sea on the horizon. This is an outrageously photogenic pool – and it’s giving us serious red wine cravings!



The rooftop pool at Siam @ Siam Design Hotel, Pattaya

The rooftop pool at Siam @ Siam Design Hotel, Pattaya
Jump into the stunning rooftop pool at Siam @ Siam Design Hotel, Pattaya, and feel as though you’re swimming in the Gulf of Thailand.

There’s so much to say about the pool at Pattaya’s Siam @ Siam Design Hotel, we don’t even know where to start. From the water-spitting creature reminiscent of a temple garuda sitting in its corner to the in-water loungers (just don’t drop your phone) and the unbeatable sunset views, this hotel takes swimming to a whole new level – quite literally. The Siam @ Siam’s rooftop infinity pool seamlessly melts into the nearby Gulf of Thailand, sending shivers down guests’ spines as they appear to swim into the horizon! Scared of heights? Don’t worry. There’s a landing right behind the edge of the pool, keeping you perfectly safe. Plus, another rooftop pool awaits one level down.



The skyline-fringed party pool at SO Sofitel, Bangkok

The skyline-fringed party pool at SO Sofitel, Bangkok
The pool at Bangkok’s SO Sofitel is perhaps the hotel’s most breathtaking feature.

If you’re less into sea views and more into skylines, make your way to another hotel rooftop instead: the pool at Bangkok’s SO Sofitel is – what else? – so sensational, you probably won’t have it to yourself. But that’s the idea here, because a number of day passes give every holidaymaker the chance to dabble around the 10th floor infinity pool overlooking nearby Lumphini Park as well as the imposing skyscrapers of the Thai metropolis. For its regular SO pool parties, the stylish property brings some of the hottest international DJs to town and a mixed, LGBT-friendly crowd dances in and out the water as the sun sets and the big city lights come on…



The jungle pools at Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood

The jungle pools at Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood
The private pool situation at Soneva Kiri in Koh Kood – who wouldn’t love this?

This five-star resort on the secluded and little-touristed island of Koh Kood near the Cambodian border offers an endlessly more relaxing experience if that’s what you’re after. Each villa here comes with at least one private pool (yes, you read that right) and it’s easy to feel like you’re going for a dip in the jungle here. Intimately nestled into the lush rainforest along Koh Kood’s coastline, the luxury hotel’s pools are surrounded by palm trees and chirping birds, and some run all along the length of the stilt-inspired villas, meaning you’re never more than a few feet away from the refreshing blue – even if you happen to stay in the breathtaking, six-bedroom Sunset Ocean View Pool Reserve!



Photography courtesy of The Library, Koh Samui; Siam @ Siam Design Hotel, Pattaya; SO Sofitel, Bangkok and Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood