Lesbian couple by the beach

One for the lovers – 5 of Thailand’s most romantic places

A salt-tinged ocean breeze embraces you and your other half as you dream up magical futures over a beachside log fire while looking at the starry skies above – need we say more? Thailand is the quintessential Southeast Asian getaway for lovers.

From private island escapes to intimate dining experiences, the kingdom’s sensual mountain landscapes and sultry archipelagos have it all. Pour some bubbly and slip into something a little more comfortable: here are our favourite experiences for lovebirds!


Wine-tasting in Chiang Rai

Nothing beats a glass of wine – or two – when it comes to getting into flirt mode. The aptly named ‘Chiang Rai Winery’ is set in a secluded region outside Chiang Rai. A three-day package here includes two nights in a nearby boutique hotel fit for a Queen (and her wife). Watch the sun melt into the imposing mountains that tickle the Western horizon as you whisper sweet nothings into your partner’s ears amidst the vines. Thailand is an emerging wine nation and this classy experience includes a good deal of sampling. It’s sure to leave a rich taste of rural romance on your tongue.


Couple massages in Hua Hin

Its tropical flair and debonair vibe make Southern Thailand a prime destination for lovers looking to unwind. Hua Hin, once the King’s beloved summer escape, seduces visitors with its deep, emerald-coloured sea and cluster of luxury resorts. The spa at Six Senses is perched amidst a peaceful, candle-clad lotus pond. Get lost in the distant light of a thousand stars dancing amongst the lotus leaves as your partner sinks into a massage table next to yours. Six Senses’ lavish treatments incorporate fragrant ingredients that elevate couples to a state of pure bliss – ideal for revitalising romance.


Dinner cruise in Ayutthaya

An experiential take on a Valentine’s classic – the candlelight dinner – makes for a romantic pastime in Siam’s former capital of Ayutthaya. Dream away the evening; gliding down the Chao Phraya while indulging in spicy culinary delights as your teak rice barge gently sways you and your partner from side to side. Ayutthaya glistens with opulent palaces and spiritual sites evoking the sublime. Witnessing its grandeur makes for lifelong memories and serves as a poignant highlight to a trip with your other half. Cherish the allure of lush riverbanks passionately hugging the stream as you reach for your partner’s hand.


Hot-air balloon in Chiang Mai

Glittering pagodas and mountains cloaked in morning dew are among the sights early birds can view from their own little castle in the sky above Chiang Mai, the seat of Thailand’s old Lanna Kingdom. ‘Balloon Adventure Thailand’ lets you experience the wonders of weightlessness and the vastness of mother Earth. This magical activity has the rising sun tenderly kiss your face (pass the gesture on to your significant other!) and steep your heart in romance. With the pale pink light all around and sacred sites below, this could be the ideal place to get engaged.


Cruise around Ang Thong National Marine Park

This spectacular marine park west of Koh Samui strings together 42 pristine islands. Nature loving couples revel in ethereal beauty above and below sea level as salty waves caress their temporary abode – a state-of-the-art catamaran. Want to feel like you’re stranded on a desert island? ‘Nautiness Sailing’ (no pun intended) knows how to play lost at sea: Dive with undisturbed marine life, let smooth sand tingle your toes and feed sweet fruits to your other half during the day. At night, get your Nautiness on in your cosy cabin below-deck.