10 LGBT+ friendly destinations to visit

Bangkok is the first name that comes to mind when you think of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) friendly places in Thailand. It is also referred to as the gay capital of Asia. The nightlife here is magical and intense to say the very least. There are plenty of attractions and activities that members of the LGBTQ community can explore over here.



Pattaya is well-known for its nightlife. However, it is also known to have two of the most famed gay beaches in the country in the Jomtien Beach and the Dongtan Beach.

The gay scene over here is colorful and alive, to say the least. If you are looking for gay bars, restaurants, massage shops, and hotels in the area then you can visit the BoyzTown district. It does not matter if you are looking for someone new in your life or traveling with your partner you are sure to have a great time here in Pattaya.



The tropical island of Phuket is said to be the second most popular destination for travelers belonging to the LGBTQ community. This island is like a veritable paradise for such individuals.

The gay hub of this island is Patong that has so many clubs and bars where LGBTQ people can party as long as they wish to. There is one more factor that works in favor of Phuket – there are plenty of international flights that come straight to Phuket and this is the reason why it is so easy to get to Phuket.



Krabi is the perfect destination for a holiday, whether you are a member of the LGBTQ community or not. It has plenty of beaches, which is a veritable draw for people who love to spend some time in the lap of nature.

The most well-known destinations over here are the Railay Beach and Ao Nang – the beaches over here are stunning and the same thing can be said of the nightlife over here as well. If LGBTQ travelers are trying to be adventurous then they could go for activities such as kayaking, rock climbing, snorkeling, exploring the islands located nearby, and scuba diving. This way, they could really enjoy their days over here.


Koh Phangan

The claims to fame for Koh Phangan are its full moon parties. These parties are known to be attended by gay travelers from various parts of the world.

These parties are held each month of the year at the Haad Rin beach. They are known to attract thousands of people at a time. It also helps that the island is so beautiful that it is stunning. The crescent-shaped beach has white sand and as such is the ideal spot for relaxation as well as exploration. Most of the beaches over here happen to be friendly towards members of the LGBTQ community. However, the most prominent among these are the Bottle Beach, the Haad Yao Beach, and the Salad Beach.

The island has a couple of gay bars as well – Alcove and For You. Apart from that, there are plenty of bars located right next to the beach over here.


Koh Samui

Koh Samui is located right next to Koh Phangan. However, it is known to be even more relaxed and chilled. It seems like that the holiday never stops over here. The best aspects of Koh Samui as a tourist destination are its beaches and its various luxury hotels. One of the best accommodation options over here is the Absolute Sanctuary that can be a nourishing experience from mental and physical points of view.

The wellness resort happens to be a stunning one and it is located at a distance of only 6 km from Bophut, which is supposed to be the hub of the gay scene of Koh Samui.


Koh Kut

Koh Kut could be the ideal exclusive destination if LGBTQ people are looking for a place to celebrate their anniversary or even go on a honeymoon. The vibe here is exotic, to say the least, and the tropical location adds to the overall romance. In short, it has every little thing that you could possibly need for your holiday to be a memorable one.


Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is also known as the ‘jewel of the north’ in Thailand. The gay scene here is diverse and thriving on top of that. There are plenty of go-go bars in the city along with cabaret clubs, saunas, nightclubs that are friendly towards gays, and massage shops. Apart from this, it has many exciting options for activities such as sightseeing. All these are waiting for people to come and explore them.


Koh Tao

As far as the Gulf of Thailand area is concerned Koh Tao can be called the very picture of serenity.

This palm-fringed island is one that members of the LGBTQ community should not miss if they are traveling to Thailand. The name of the island comes from the sea turtles that abound in the region. The beaches here are made of white sand and they are located near steep hills, a fact which makes them even more lovable. You can get to some of these hills with a four-wheel drive car. The sun shines here every day, which makes it such a good place for some lounging.


Khao Lak

Khao Lak is located 80 km towards the north of Phuket. The island was basically wiped out in 2004 by the then tsunami, known to be one of the worst of its kind in the history of mankind. However, the town – it seems – has come back with a vengeance of sorts.

Compared to other coastal destinations it remains a lot quieter – the beaches are secluded, the nights are peaceful, and the activities here are mostly for families. It may not have the kind of wild nightlife that other places in Thailand are famous for but if LGBTQ people are looking for peace and some stupendous scuba diving then it does not get any better than this.  


Written by Sarah Bennett. Sarah is a senior content curator in HolidayFactors.com, a leading holiday portal in Dubai, UAE.