Soaking Up the Fun Thailand’s Rainy Season!



We keep an umbrella around for rainy days, but when you’re on vacation in sunny Thailand, this might come as a bit of an afterthought, at least when you’re not getting soaked at Songkran. While you’ll likely never see day after day of rain in Thailand, there are two major seasons in Thailand — wet, and dry, and as a tropical country, the wet season of Thailand can see it’s fair share of downpours.


It might sound frightening to imagine your entire vacation getting rained out, and we’ve heard a few concerned travelers who wondered how the weather might affect their plans and bookings.


However, many travelers during this season find that they won’t get wet even once during their trip! If you do, the generally likely situation is that you can expect a few quick heavy showers at most, and a few more clouds than you’d see otherwise. If you or your partner are second guessing traveling during this time, remember not to fret too hard. The sun is still here, and you’re more than likely to get plenty of it wherever you go.


Who Said a Little Rain Is a Bad Thing?


For those that are willing to brave the possibility of an occasional rain out session, the wet season is actually a great time to visit Thailand. For one thing, It’s cheaper than visiting during the dry season. It’s also way less crowded, and while you’ll keep warm either way, it is slightly cooler and breezier than in the dry season.


Still, even with the slight risk of getting rained out every now and again, you might want to make plans in the event of a rainy day or two, and luckily, there’s still plenty to do all over the country during the rainiest times.


While you can stay optimistic that your vacation will be fairly dry, the best way to travel is to always be prepared. Personally, we bring our party poppers wherever we go in Thailand — you never know when you’ll meet a cute guy and need to turn up!


Jokes aside, the most you will often have to worry about is the fact that the sun will not always be out for the entire day. Even with that in mind, the rainstorms can get serious, and seriously strong, if only lasting a few hours at a time.


Anyway, let’s discover some of the best ways to experience the rain days in Thailand!



Take a Cooking Class


This one is a no brainer, even on the sunniest of trips. Cooking and food are one of the largest draws in Thailand, both on an international level and while visiting the country. Whether it’s sweet, spicy, sour, salty or bitter, there’s a flavor for everyone, and more importantly, a way to make a flavor for anyone. Whether you’re looking to simply take more initiative in the kitchen, or save yourself some money on all those Thai takeout orders, it’s worth a shot to at least learn the basics of cooking one of the world’s most loved cuisine. Classes are more than plentiful throughout the country, but it always help to take a look at the province before visiting, to make sure your nearby options are reserved or will allow for same-day bookings. After you’ve gained some cooking skills, you can start saving that takeout budget for the return trip!



Explore the Greenery


We all know the saying “April showers bring May flowers.” Thailand’s wet season is undoubtedly also its greenest.


With Thailand’s deep jungles, forests, and large expanses of natural space to explore, it rarely gets any more beautiful to see the wild than here. The jungle can be a green dream to explore, and if you’re traveling with a nature lover, it’s an unforgettable experience so see the natural formations of the country. It’s noted that the northern regions are a little wetter than further south, but if you consider yourself an outdoorsy type, and you’re willing to traverse the beautiful areas here in spite of that, you’re in for a wondrous, fairytale space to sightsee and explore.



Explore the history


Thailand is a hotbed of beautiful history, and luckily, you can find a lot of it indoors and in numerous areas around the country. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai and Phuket, if the weather gets especially overbearing, pop into any number of temples and museums around the country to discover a new piece of the country that has welcomed and warmed you and so many over the years. Some of our favorite temples and sites are in Phuket and Bangkok, which means that we’ve never had to give up our favorite gay bars, spas, and restaurants to have an enlightening moment.


Go Shopping!


One of the best things to brighten your mood on a rainy day is a little retail therapy. There are plenty of places to get a quick shopping session in while visiting Thailand, including MBK mall, seen above. If you’re feeling like taking a different route, there are a few other malls in the country, including a few night markets that you can pop into if you’re feeling a little more adventurous. Get some gifts for yourself, and maybe a


Winding down at a Thai Spa


There are a ton of gay and gay friendly spas to pick from in Thailand, and you shouldn’t have a problem finding one to enjoy in the country. If you ask us, one of the best things to do during a rainy few hours in Thailand is to stop into a spa, because by the time we leave, the storm has passed, and we’re rested and ready to adventure again! Talk about a win win. If you’re also looking to meet other gay guys during the day, some spas have communal areas and saunas where you can hang out.  You’ve already heard about a few of our favorites here and on our Facebook, so make sure to check those out too!


The Best Places To Stay Dry


Of course, if you just want to avoid the wet as much as possible, there are a couple of places in Thailand that are significantly more dry than other regions. Thailand is a big country, leaving many areas to the effects of different weather patterns. Our best bets for outpacing the clouds and the rainier possibilities is to make your stay in Koh Tao, Samui, or Koh Phangan.



The Safety Bits


While we can say that we wholeheartedly enjoy Thailand no matter the season, there are always tips and ways to travel smarter, just so that you aren’t caught out in the cold.


  1. Pack water resistant clothing and packs. If you’re going to go out jungle exploring or to a more remote location together with you friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, you should always prepare for the possibility of a shower. Rain jackets and waterproof packs will be a lifesaver in these situations. Remember to also pack water-resistant, grippy shoes, sandals might not cut in in the long run.


  1. Remember to pack some bug spray, especially if you’re going or staying in the more untamed areas of the country.


  1. Pay attention to weather reports, and pay attention to warnings. This one is a no-brainer, but no one wants to get caught unprepared or find out that a place is closed for the day due to inclement weather.


And of course, the final rule is to always have fun! After all, what’s a little vacation if you can’t get a little wet and wild? 😉


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