Five Ways To Heat Things Up Wintering in Thailand



Thailand is the land of warm people and warmer weather. When the chill hits me on a cold morning going to work, I know where I’d rather be —  in Thailand’s tropical paradise.


If you manage to visit over the winter, you’ll be warm everywhere you go in the country — it doesn’t matter if you’re basking on a beach in Phuket, or in the middle of Bangkok enjoying a delicious dinner. Nevertheless, we’ve figured out five ways for you to turn up the temperature during your winter retreat to Thailand.



If you’re looking to get some R&R away from the crowds and rejuvenate at the same time, the best way to do so is to take a stop at the sauna. There’s a swathe of gay saunas to pick from all over the country, but our top pick is also one of the most frequented — Babylon Bangkok, which also offers over 70 rooms, a full gym, swimming pool, and massage areas. The well-known bed and breakfast and spa facility is a welcoming home away from home for local gay men as well as tourists, so even if you’re inside for most of your stay, you can definitely hit up a conversation with some great new guys.

Out of the Sauna, and Into Silom


After a day enjoying the amenities around your hotel, it’s time to heat things up in a different way. Silom Road is a central hub for gay nightlife in Bangkok, and offers tons of places to party and get things sizzling, particularly on Soi 2 and Soi 4. It’ll be hard to keep cool in a location packed with so many good looking guys. If you get sparks flying across the bar we can promise you won’t want to go home — not that anyone wants to leave Thailand in the first place.


Soak Up Some Sun


Let’s get out of the city. Thailand is the place to beach over the winter and we definitely can’t breeze over that. The waters are clear, the beaches are brilliant, and you usually won’t have to compete to find a prime spot to become a beach bum. While beaches in Thailand are becoming more and more frequented, there are still plenty of more secluded destinations to find away from the more frequented areas of the coastline. For a more private experience by the beach, we’d recommend a resort that offer day trips to nearby islands, but even those have seen an increase in visitors. A good rule to remember is that the further you travel away from the airport, the less populated the beaches will be, so luck favors the expeditious. You can also find calmer beaches within Thailand’s national parks, like on Mu Koh Lanta.

Thai Sweet Eats Bring the Heat

food shutterstock_270178691

If you’re looking for a more unique way to warm yourself while here, there’s nothing more authentic than heating up your tastebuds. You can’t leave Thailand without experiencing some real Thai flavor. Luckily, there’s plenty of option to grab bites on every road and street you travel. Food vendors are constantly hawking their offerings, so if you want an endless flow of flavor and spice, try grabbing something like papaya salad and a few more amazing dishes to go along from a street vendor!

Summer Body Ready


Finally, there’s nothing like a workout to get heated up. If you’re looking to get moving and get a head start on that summer body while having fun at the same time, take up some sports adventures. Thailand is well-known for Muay Thai, and taking a trip to Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp is a must for workout junkies and visiting martial artists. The  and even provides lodging for the most . If you’re looking for less contact, you might want to try rock climbing near Krabi on Rai Leh beach.


Alas, winter always returns, but after you visit, we figure you will too.









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